Hiren’s BootCD 15.2

Changes From Variation 15.1 to 15.2 New Added Softwares, Updated Functions: BattStat 0.99b: Battery Standing keep track of and power operation freeware for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 x86/x64. BrowsingHistoryView 1.05: To direction r text of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari Web browsers in one tabular. ClearLock 1.4.0: To bolt your desktop with a plain layer, allowing you to see what is occurrence on your desktop and at the same notwithstanding anticipate access to the computer without the individual watchword. DRevitalize 1.2: Repairs bad sectors (material defects) on intently drives by generating a specialized train of considerable and low signals around the physically damaged stretch. EncFS 1.7.4: This should be used for safe online backup services such as Google Proceed, Dropbox and Sugarsync as the encryption do not hold a settled evaluate containers and backup programs can ape encrypted files and can be accessed from linux, iPhone/iOS and android using BoxCryptor and Cryptonite. ImDisk 1.6.0: To create/mount accepted intently disk, floppy or CD/DVD drives using fetish files or method honour. MBRCheck 1.2.3: Checks the legitimacy of the Expert Boot (MBR) cryptogram of the intently drives. McAfee Elimination Means McAfee Consumer Fallout Elimination Means removes all 2005 — 2012 versions of McAfee products. MiniXP: Added/updated Storage/LAN/WLAN drivers and other one-horse improvements, iso boot works, footpath can be changed in HBCDXPX using notepad. Norton Elimination Means SymNRT uninstalls most Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Safeguarding, Norton 360, and Norton SystemWorks even when the uninstaller fails to eradicate them. Eradicate Non Provide Drivers: Automatically eradicate all non-present/disconnected devices from a Windows and can often be useful to anticipate misbehaving/unnecessary drivers from being wealthy, cleanup drivers when you replaced motherboard or used backup fetish of different arms. Tor Browser 2.2.39: Surf the internet anonymously through encryption, even https sites can be browsed safely where it is blocked by your ISP. WifiInfoView 1.05: Wireless networks poop including Network Name (SSID), MAC Accost, PHY Prototype (802.11g or 802.11n), RSSI, Signal Je Sais Quoi, Frequency, Moat Numbers, Most Facilitate, Corporation Name, Router Name/Model and more. Windows Fallout Key Update Means 1.7: This means is from microsoft to interchange the key of illegal/pirated installed xp to legit xp keys from the sticker on the PC, even if it is oem and not retail/corporate. Updated Softwares: 3DP Scrap 12.09, All Users Temp Cleaner 1.2, AlternateStreamView 1.32, Astra 6.01, Autoruns 11.34, Avira AntiVir Exclusive (18-10-2012), BellaVista, BIOS Expert Watchword Generator (Sony), BlueScreenView 1.46, BootICE 2012.09.20, BulletsPassView 1.25, CCleaner 3.23.1823, ClamWin Without Cost Or Obligation Antivirus 0.97.6, CloneSpy 2.63, ComboFix (18-10-2012), Total Internet Set Right, CPU-Z 1.61, CurrPorts 2.02, Defraggler 2.11.560, Figure Doctor 2.1, Don't Drop 2.82, Proceed SnapShot 1.40, DriveImage XML 2.42, FastCopy 2.11, FileTypesMan 1.62, GParted Separator Ape Editor 0.14.0, GPU-Z 0.6.5, grub4dos 2012-10-02, HashMyFiles 1.90, HDAT2 4.9B1, Fetish For Dos 2.75, Fetish For Windows 2.75, ImgBurn, InfraRecorder 0.53, IrfanView 4.33, IsoBuster 3.0, isolinux 4.05, LicenseCrawler 1.11.239, Dispatch PassView 1.78, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.65 (18-10-2012), MemDisk 4.05, Notepad++ 6.2, NTFS Access 2.2, NTFSLinksView 1.07, Opera 12.02, Parted Demonolatry 2012-10-10, Separator Compensating 4.00, Separator Wizard National Print Run 7.6.1, PC Wizard 2012.2.11, PCI 32 Sniffer 1.4 (18-10-2012), PCI and AGP info Means (18-10-2012), PhotoFiltre 6.5.3, PhotoRec 6.14b, PLoP Boot Administrator 5.0.14, Organize Explorer 15.23, Organize Keep Track Of 3.03, ProcessActivityView 1.12, ProduKey 1.54, PuTTY 0.62-t012, Recuva 1.43.623, RegFromApp 1.23, RegScanner 1.90, Eradicate Phoney Antivirus 1.88, Revo Uninstaller 1.94, RKill (18-10-2012), RunAsDate 1.11, SearchMyFiles 2.30, ServiWin 1.50, ShellExView 1.76, Unagitated Runners Reappraisal 64, SIW 2011.10.29, SmartSniff 1.95, SniffPass 1.13, SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.4.7, Speccy 1.18.379, Spybot — Search & Ruin 1.6.2 (18-10-2012), SuperAntispyware is now downloadable only, Method Analyser 5.3x, Method Explorer 3.9.7, TDSSKiller 2.8.13, TeamViewer 7.0.14563 + 6.0.10462, TestDisk 6.14b, TightVNC 2.5.2, Overall Commander 8.01, TrID Identifier 2.10, TrueCrypt 7.1a, UnknownDevices 1.4.20 (18-10-2012), Update Checker 1.039, USBDeview 2.16, WebBrowserPassView 1.30, WinNTSetup, WinSCP 4.3.9, WirelessKeyView 1.56, WirelessNetView 1.41, XP-AntiSpy 3.98
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