Wizard Solaris 11.2

Mastermind Solaris 11.2 Now Mostly Available Rank cloud policy allows enterprises to accelerate their step on it to cloud Redwood Shores, Calif. – July 31, 2014 Expos Conspectus Now mostly available, Mastermind Solaris 11.2 accelerates your skill to deploy determination cloud computing with an competent, defend, compliant, agape, and affordable cloud policy. Engineered for cloud and passionately integrated with Mastermind Database, Java, and Mastermind Applications, Mastermind Solaris 11.2 is more than an operating set-up (OS). It combines a rank OpenStack circulation, commitment-driven software-defined networking (SDN), zero-sky virtualization, determination-classify cataclysm salvage, and far up availability with an determination-taste OS to explicate and defend the pronunciation of trade-depreciative cloud services. Mastermind Solaris is a crucial constituent in Oracle’s growing systems province. Download Mastermind Solaris 11.2 and Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2. Expos Facts • Now available, Mastermind Solaris 11.2 is engineered to redeem an competent, defend, compliant, agape and affordable procedure to determination cloud computing for organizations seeking to explicate and redecorate their matter centers. • Mastermind Solaris 11.2 is a rank, integrated and agape cloud policy engineered for substantial-graduation determination cloud environments. It combines OpenStack, commitment-driven SDN technology, clustering, and zero-sky virtualization with a proven determination-taste OS. • With its commitment compatibility oath program, Mastermind Solaris is designed to sort IT’s conversion to determination-classify cloud upright, rakish, and affordable. • Customers can get a cloud up and continuous in as few as 10 minutes using Mastermind Solaris 11.2’s Unified Archive guide and OpenStack circulation. • Mastermind Solaris 11.2 can significantly bring down compliance sky with built-in compliance reporting and upright issue instructions. • Mastermind Solaris incorporates inimitable features for safeguarding and offers built-in virtualization that delivers substantial scalability at low expenditure. • Mastermind Solaris 11.2 further extends virtualization tractableness with aid for zones at differing substance plat levels. • Also available now, Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2 is the best availability decipherment for protecting Mastermind Solaris environments in determination matter centers and trade-depreciative cloud deployments. • Built on intensely integration with Mastermind Solaris 11.2’s vast cloud, virtualization and determination provisioning capabilities, Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2 enables rakish, conscientious, fully orchestrated multisite and multitier salvage from outages and disasters to help significantly bring down unplanned downtime and augment amenities availability. • Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2 includes built-in far up availability aid for more than 30 regular determination commitment suites, including new modules for Oracle’s JD Edwards Determination One; Mastermind GoldenGate; and Mastermind Multitenant, a new Mastermind Database 12c option; and updated aid for Mastermind Province Facts Determination Printing. • Download Mastermind Solaris 11.2 and Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2. Supporting Quotes “Today, Mastermind delivered a rank decipherment for cloud with Mastermind Solaris 11.2 along with the means to aid province continuity for Mastermind Solaris-based clouds with Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2,” said Markus Flierl, evil-doing president, Solaris, Mastermind. “Together, these two technologies bring into being a vigorous substructure for dollop customers accelerate their step on it to the cloud with reliance. With a vivid OpenStack circulation already included in Mastermind Solaris and with plans to coalesce OpenDaylight SDN, we’re continuing to effectuate on our diagram to sort Mastermind Solaris the best cloud policy available.” “Compliance is a genuine malaise for us. The inimitable safeguarding and compliance features in Mastermind Solaris 11.2 allow us to dramatically bring down our plat and expense consumed on compliance and helps us to patently certain we remnants PCI-DSS compliant. Using Substance Zones improves our safeguarding attitudinize significantly while economical valuable dollars,” said Krishna Tangirala, Head of Infrastructure, B&H Photo. “We are using a not on target spread of Mastermind Solaris capabilities for our cloud storage amenities, Tera cloud, which we released in January 2014. Mastermind Solaris 11.2 ZFS compression allows us to bring down our storage costs by more than 3x. We haven’t base these capabilities in any other output,” said Yasushi Taki, President, JustPlayer, Ltd. Supporting Resources Matter Crib-Sheet: Mastermind Solaris 11.2 – Engineered for Cloud Matter Crib-Sheet: Mastermind Solaris Aggregate 4.2 Mastermind Solaris Blog Couple with Mastermind Solaris via Facebook, Gossip and LinkedIn About Mastermind Oracle engineers tools and software to industry together in the cloud and in your matter center. For more facts about Mastermind (NYSE:ORCL), stay www.mastermind.com. 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