FatdogArm Beta1 — 11 2014 from/more at http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=92548 I'm cock-a-hoop to put forth the manumission of FatdogArm Beta1. FatdogArm Beta1 is a rounded out-rebuild of FatdogArm, using LFS 7.4 as the debased (glibc 2.18 and gcc 4.8.1). Platforms officially supported are: — A10/Mele A1000 - A20/Cubieboard2 - Odroid-U2/U3 - OLPC XO — 1.75 and OLPC XO — 4. FatdogArm itself is a seaport of Fatdog64 for ARM stage, supporting many of the costly features of Fatdog64; using Slackware-variety include manipulation (gslapt, slapt-get, pkgtool). There are two notable goals for Beta1 (both achieved): 1. Re-butt the devices stage: Beta1 now targets ARMv7-A with VFPv3-d16 (no NEON). This is the same butt as Debian armhf and enables FatdogArm to run on lesser-endowed devices (e.g. OLPC XO — 1.75 or Tegra2-based systems). 2. Fully reproducible construct scheme --- all «build recipes» are now coded and recorded and delivered as vicinity of binary packages. As a largesse, Beta1 supports 3D GPU acceleration for OpenGL ES for all officially platforms. Those objectives achieved, throughout the beta rotate (which will consist of a few more betas) I will be aiming for determination and bringing more features from Fatdog64; aiming character correspondence by the experience we get to RC (whenever that will be). Apart from the above changes, Beta1 is nearly the same to Alpha4 including its software selecting (there are only few infant updates for determination reasons). Since it is a rounded out rebuild, there may be things working in Alpha4 but not working in Beta1 (=regressions) — I'd like to pick up about this so I can fix it. Like Alpha4, Beta1 is also released as a «meta-distribution» (ie the power to construct your own debased SFS *from scratch* — this is in totting up to the time-honoured remaster clobber); it is nearly the same to Woof except that it can only construct from FatdogArm's own packages. Note: Beta1 now splits between «basesfs» and «devx» just like orderly Puppies / Fatdogs. The split isn't as rounded out as Puppies — they are split at include tied (in Puppy, the split goes a lot deeper — e.g. there is no header files in basesfs). This manumission would have not been possible without help from mavrothal and 01micko who helped with testings and pointing out my idiocy during progress. Thanks guys Contributed include recipes welcome. Download locations: — Rounded Out manumission notes — Establishment instructions — ibiblio.org (apprise install) — nluug.nl (European looking-glass) — uoc.gr (European looking-glass) — aarnet.edu (Australian looking-glass). Many thanks for ibiblio and the mirrors for providing this clear services. Preceding manumission (Alpha4) commercial was here.