Blackberry Playbook Apps Factor 3 - Manav19

This deluge contains:: 1)Magellan Compass Maps 3.Bar 2)At Scanner V 1.0.3.Bar 3)Nodebeat V1.0.1.Bar 4)Uber Iris V1.0.1.0.Bar 5)Categorize Browser V2.3.7.Bar 6)Discharge Mosquito v1.0.1.Bar 7)Big Srt Musician V 2.0.Bar 8)Battery Guru.Bar 9)Put On Deluge.Bar UTILITY (Edited)::::I upload these games and apps because these are excluding and help us settle fully use of our Playbook....but these are very costly and also force impute cards....Thats why i may not upload games that are available at cheaply rates at the app period(eg:Gameloft games)......If u can Buy then please buy Them cause it hurts the developers financially...(i Usually take some tym before i upload a new bold to let the bold earn...n then i try to submit the bold to many others so that they too can make merry them..) WEIGHTY NOTE To my friends::: 1)Seniority of PB games/apps sites have been blocked n forcefully closed by Rim and Google as many of u may know... And many new games can no longer be shared or encoded due the new Playbook Os restricting every bold for 1 narcotic addict only... But i'll try my best... INSTRUCTIONS:::::::: 1)Place DDPB software (Included in this deluge) 2)league your playbook 3)turn upside down c overturn on condition configuration 4)go the the homescreen 5)cognizance a new icon on the icon bar.Tap on it and into the Ip Talk from here into the DDPB installer 6)into the open sesame 7)click on league 8)settle sure your wifi is on 9)add the categorize and click on place Make Merry....n PLS SOW!!!! 1 More NOTE:::::For the last 5 or so uploads i'm no longer connected to anyone else