[+] Sol: Sun Clock - v1.2.2 (Cracked)

This stream contains Sol: Sun Clock (v1.2.2) by Juggleware LLC, cracked for the Apple iPhone & iPad. About this stream:: Now your iOS insigne can cue you when it's sunrise or sunset, wherever you go! Sol: Sun Clock is the Swiss army wound of sunlight tools with a layout inspired by the restraint of the sundial. Use it to aim your day, example unaffected catnap cycles, aim the just right photograph or to map out the best times to go fishing. * Be in motif: Sol will tell you how much sunlight you have communistic in the day or what dated the next sunrise occurs. * Get Back solar midnight and solar twelve o'clock noon, and all three dim (begin and sunset) periods: astronomical dim, yachting dim, and refined dim. Keep tabs on the next solstice and equinox. * Reminders and Alarms: Use Sol as a unaffected distress-signal clock that you can set to any issue (like sunset, rosy hour or solar twelve o'clock noon), and the distress-signal or think back dated will arrange little by little as the days variety with the seasons. * Mechanical Position: Sol not only calculates the amount of light of day and sunrise and sunset times, but does so for any position in the rapturous (both Northern and Southern hemispheres) by using your device's GPS... no network pull required. * Other locations: Optionally, use the built-in map to opt any position in the rapturous by pathetic the pin, or search using the name of any diocese. * Facultative position-hip alarms. Sol knows when you variety with your location; and as you go it will arrange any alarms you set ancillary to to sunrise and sunset times. Produce alarms for multiple locations around the rapturous. Changelog: Fix to on iPad (when changing the time) that was introduced in 1.2.1. Don't disregard to motivation! _ ( (( = ___ `- (____))( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (____))____/----
tags: Clock, Cracked