Garmin BlueChart g2 Delusion VUS517L - Alaska South UNLOCKED

************************************************************* Will corm until well seeded, then it's up to you the downloaders to keep it on Piratebay ************************************************************* Garmin BlueChart g2 Eyesight VUS517L — Alaska South v2011.5 (v13.00)UNLOCKED Interpretation: 2011.5 Released: Aug, 2011 Be Involved In Billion: 010-C0887-00 (microSD/SD), 010-D0503-00 : G:/Garmin/gmapsupp.img, term 2359296000 Header: 19.07.2011 15:41:25, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 13.00, Ms 0 Mapset: VUS517L-Alaska South v2011.5 fat: 1000h — 1200h — 30000h, obstruct 65536 maps: 184, sub-files 185 PID 1, FID 2463, pale 4,34 See your vessel’s specific, on-tabulation establish in tie to navaids, coastal features, restricted areas and more with sparse features set up in this itemized maritime mapping figures. Includes all of the BlueChart® g2 features, plus 3-D vantage point above and below the waterline, Auto Control, shrill-oath figurativeness, and aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, landmarks and other points of consideration. Features Includes reasonable steersmanship features showing everything from shaded deepness contours and coastlines to situation soundings, navaids, mooring plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, restricted areas, IALA symbols and more. Features level displays, including seamless transitions between zoom levels and more continuity across tabulation boundaries. Includes shrill-oath acolyte figurativeness, when overlaid on the tabulation, provides the mariner with a reasonable outlook of the acreage and the best quality for matchless situational awareness. Features aerial “real world” photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigational landmarks and other points of consideration, gift the mariner another strong mechanism for navigating uncommon waters. Includes Auto Control technology that searches tabulation figures — tides, currents, maritime services, coastal roads and points of consideration — to put the best lobby to a journey's end. Offers MarinerEye outlook 3-D vantage point, providing a bird's eye outlook from behind the vessel showing the tabulation report for a vigorous, reputable and unreserved establish fix. Offers FishEye outlook 3-D vantage point, providing an underwater outlook that visually represents the sea trounce according to the chart's report. Provides Safeness Shading (in compatible units), allowing mariners to allow contour shading for all deepness contours shallower than operator-defined uninjured depths. Provides Fishing Charts (in compatible units), allowing mariners to span out cause contours and deepness soundings with less visual strew on the . Allows users to conveniently and coordinate routes, from your computer, before your skip with HomePort™, compatible skip-planning software (sold singly). . Coverage Details Itemized coverage of Alaska, from Prince of Wales Eyot to Promontory Lay on the north descent, including Glacier Bay, the Kenai Peninsula, and the Aleutian Restraint in exhaustive. Bathymetric coverage of the Gap of Alaska, Bristol Bay and In Accord States waters in the Chukchi and Bering Seas, and along the unrestricted Aleutian restraint including Akutan Archaic Umnak Upland, Zhemchug Ghyll, Chirikof Basin, and Upon Seavalley. How to: Just writing the Garmin folder to your SD-be open ************************************************************* Will corm until well seeded, then it's up to you the downloaders to keep it on Piratebay *************************************************************