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Driver Brilliance Maven Issue + Chink Very ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Driver Brilliance Maven Issue &#151; a program to pilot drivers (backup, reinstate corrupted versions, updates, and deletes unrequired), which has also some latent for arms diagnostics. Driver Brilliance can automatically finger the drivers for all devices, using the evidence embedded in the devices. It works with more than 30 thousand different motherboards, video cards, commonsensical and network cards, modems, monitors, keyboards, mice, cameras, etc. Database software is constantly updated. Russian Parlance. Assistance for Windows 7. One of the features of the program is that it can help to sire a put EXE- installer, which will list all the drivers installed, which will help in the actuality of need to post-haste reinstall the operating scheme. Features: * Backs up the driver: Driver Brilliance post-haste discovers and reserves the drivers installed on your scheme. Can compress the backup in a ZIP-documentation self-extracting archive documentation or sire a auto installer. * Reinstate ruse drivers: You do not need to connect drivers one by one after reinstalling your operating scheme. It takes only one click to all the drivers are installed automatically. * Update drivers: All you need to do &#151; one click, Driver Brilliance and peeper all the drivers, probe them for compatibility and foul-up, using its elephantine database, download and connect the new variety. * Uninstall the drivers: After changing the configuration of your computer or modifying your scheme could be there undeleted drivers. Driver Brilliance post-haste finger and oust them. * LiveUpdate: Developers update the portly billion of drivers on their web-situation. You can synchronize its database with their download server to get the latest variety of the drivers through Liveupdate. Improvments * Assistance more than 60,000 arms devices. New Driver Brilliance can assistance more than 60,000 devices , nearly includs all arms devices of the humanity. A seemly driver can set right arms conduct by 30% or more , especially for video membership card and motherboard chipset. * Optimized program loading bowl along. Accelerate Driver Brilliance loading bowl along. With Driver Brilliance 11, you’ll diminish program loading times by up to 50%! * Optimized driver scanning bowl along. Improved program algorithm. With Driver Brilliance 11, you’ll diminish driver scanning times by up to 30%! Bug Fixes * Anchored download the driver again after downloading a driver in full. * Anchored some drivers can't be installed automatically. * Anchored can't anxiety the download driver record. Scheme Requirements Pentium rank CPU 64 Mb RAM 10 Mb spirituous trip lay out Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/XP x64/Server 2003 x64/Vista x64 *Install Notes* 1. Connect 2. chink from Chink folder over to the connect directory 3. Relish In!!!