GiliSoft SecureDisk Designer v7.1.0

GiliSoft SecureDisk Maker v7.1.0 GiliSoft Tight Disc Maker is a CD/DVD encryption software for creating encrypted perception files, understood discs and fervid encrypted CD/DVDs. It can fashion a proper and civil room on one disc. Using the military type of 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption algorithm, Tight Disc Maker helps take care of top-level files and folders by encrypting the proper room. The proper room can only be opened by a set unsealed sesame, while everyone can vision the civil room. Forceful functions along with unceremonious operability makes Tight Disc Maker the best option to impede leakage of classified low-down on your CD/DVD. Without installing any surprisingly program on a computer, you can unsealed and impute to the details on the CD/DVD just by entering the rectify unsealed sesame. For the convenience of plan users to deploy, or unessential advance, we also fix up with provision the charge-train adaptation, please with us if you need. Leaving Aside Features of GiliSoft Tight Disc Maker Unsealed Sesame Take Care Of CD/DVDs Fashion unsealed sesame protected CD/DVD. Encrypted CD can can be safely sent via email. Labour with encrypted CD without ceaseless patch of details decryption. No need to decrypt files on CD/DVD before use. Purely set out on unsealed sesame and labour with any record as hackneyed. Lie Doggo Files, Folders on CD/DVDs Whatever low-down, files, folders and documents you put in your CD/DVD goad, GiliSoft Tight Disc Maker creates encrypted backups on CD/DVD and keeps them thoroughly secured. Encrypted discs can be kept in civil and exposed locations. Understood Disc (Understood Goad) GiliSoft Tight Disc Maker has another gripping item face: Understood Disc(Goad). You can use this app to fashion understood discs. You can mount ISO images into understood drives. Securely Allocation The third fete operator purely needs to handbill the storage media to their innkeeper computer and set out on the unsealed sesame to labour as they would with any other CD. Succeed A Do Over Encrypted ISO Perception Documentation It can fashion ISO perception documentation of CD/DVD. Adopting AES 256-bit encryption which is used to take care of the most impressionable low-down of the U.S.Government and commercial organizations including banks Built-in CD and DVD burner It has a built-in CD and DVD burner that can fashion discs that have both a civil yard and a tight yard and can squander ISO Perception Documentation to CD/DVDs. Ritualistic Website: