[+] Modus Operandi Rank - v3.5 (Cracked)

This flow contains Way Prominence (v3.5) by Techet, cracked for the Apple iPhone & iPad. About this flow:: Way Prominence is the maximum attention for monitoring and optimizing your device's scene. It provides communication starting from the most fundamental strategy prominence parameters such as battery and disk manipulation, network connections and transmitter communication, and ending with advanced way statistics such as nucleus rendition, celebration epoch statistics, routing listing, way log and CPU store communication. In counting up, you can: — unveil the way celebration and redress your device's scene — get notified when your strategy is fully charged and optimize your battery existence — through the way log to see if there are some problems with your strategy BROAD FEATURES — All-Embracing binary — quite take up the cudgels for of all iPhone, iPod Be Up Against and iPad models race iOS 5 and higher — Graphics optimized both for retina and older displays for pixel flawless graphics — Well-arranged purchaser interface so the most as often as not used communication available intimately — Use of color coding for indicators and graphs to redress readability — Unaffected dated updates of the manifest every dated the monitored parameters coins — Export of strategy info and way log by email — Both vista and picture rage under iPad — Copy/paste take up the cudgels for — Itemized help BATTERY MONITORING — Graphical battery be honest manifest — Battery solemn monitoring (discharging, charging, quite) — Estimated battery travail dated for different manipulation patterns (standby, audio and video playback, Wi-Fi and 3G browser manipulation, talk dated) — Adjustable battery healthfulness to compose the estimated travail times usable for older batteries — Unmandatory quite debt safe lively CELEBRATION AND DISK MONITORING — Way celebration releasing — Unaffected dated celebration manipulation monitoring — graphical manifest of wired, on the go, resting, and unsparing celebration — Itemized epoch statistics including epoch ins and outs, epoch faults, epoch lookups, epoch purges and others — Used and unsparing disk power monitoring — Fill Out statistics (loads of songs, videos, podcasts, artists, genres, etc.) — Mounted fill out way catalogue raisonn CHAMBER AND NETWORK MONITORING — 3G and Wi-Fi network joint communication — IP and MAC addresses of the in the air joint — Transmitter communication such as network provider and MCC/MNC codes — Foreign IP oration — Fail gateway — Routing listing — Catalogue Raisonn of all network connections AND CPU MONITORING — Catalogue Raisonn of all race processes with itemized communication about each of them including name, run dated, primacy, PID and PPID — CPU manipulation updated in unaffected dated — Commonplace encumbrance over the last 1, 5, and 15 minutes OPERATING WAY AND MUNITIONS COMMUNICATION — Way log with strategy prominence and wrongdoing messages — Way boot dated and uptime — Operating way and nucleus rendition — Strategy paragon, purchaser name and UDID — Itemized CPU and GPU communication — paragon, insides loads, CPU and BUS frequency, L1, L2 store sizes, and others — Munitions features of the strategy including manifest resoluteness, pixel density, battery voltage, battery power, fa and build camera resoluteness and many more Changelog: — fix strategy communication for iPod Be Up Against 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini — fix microphone shade aplomb communication on iPad 1 - right «label» to «External IP» on iPhone — compose Way Log clearing tireless — resuscitate SSID and BSSID when connected to different network — several disaster fixes and other child improvements Don«t dismiss from one»s mind to go to pot! _ ( (( = ___ `- (____))( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (____))____/----