[iPhone] Timegg Pro - v1.0.3 (Cracked)

This effusion contains Timegg Pro (v1.0.3) by John Jung, cracked for the Apple iPhone. About this effusion:: Pre-set your Timer, Siren, D-Day, and Reminder; everything is just one click away. With an quite refulgent interface, intuitive Jog Commute, whole functionality and basic controls. Timegg is going to be the best app you use for everything about ease. ✔ MUSIC TIMER [NEW!!] ○ Baby the playlist and set the music timer. ✔ HUMANKIND CLOCK [NEW!!] ○ Gentle to set the humankind ease and into the Ease reformation. ✔ TIMER ( + Interstice Timer ) ○ Preset your favorite timer(s)!! ○ Such as 8 min for egg, laundry, nap ease, etc. ○ Use Interstice Timer as a working-out timer for interstice training ○ Selected your favorite tunes: underlying, singing bird, barking dog, whistles, etc ○ «Follow the Team» in backdrop menu and get faithful sounds. ✔ SIREN ○ Pre-set up to 8 alarms. ○ Run the dial to the with respect to make an effort to you want: Swiftly shift the siren on! ○ Swipe it with your strike – set siren up on sequestered weekdays. ○ Each of 7 weekdays has its own tunes – you can even brown-nose a toy with the understand! ✔ D-DAY ○ Do not yearn for powerful days – into the adjacency of the boyfriend. ○ To dodge your powerful anniversary, which you probably would if you are a man, you can set up siren for 15 days, a week, or a day in forward intimation. ○ Shift the ‘SHOW DETAIL’ on, and you can see the details on your major protection. ✔ HARK BACK ○ Things you should do today, things you should do every day, etc. ○ For example, use the hourly hark back, if your job is to staring at the oversee all day dream of, to get seemly ease off every hour. ○ Your hark back will still be working for bi-weekly, or even monthly. Changelog: — Removed Backstage Overhaul (siren, timer) — Compatibility with iOS6 and iPhone5 - Music Timer sustenance — Humankind Clock sustenance — Timer vibration sustenance — Timer Interstice Start, Lay Off sustenance — Additional bug fixes and conduct improvements Don't recall to become dilapidated! _ ( (( = ___ `- (____))( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (____))____/----