Adguard for Android (v2.0.62) [Multi] (2015)

Dedication Name: Adguard Principles: Android Dedication Variety: Web Pass Through, Anti-Standard, Anti-Phishing, Firewall and etc. Deliverance Assignation: August 19, 2015 Dedication Manifestation: 2.0.62 Vernacular: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and etc. Technique requirements: Android 4.0.3 and higher Variety Installer: APK Complete square footage: 4.93 MB ---------------------------------------------------- About this overflow: Adguard — is a unmatched internet pass through that protects you from the ubiquitous advertising, malware, and phishing sites, online tracking and more. Adguard is really contend with with all kinds of line blocking Internet advertising, pages fill faster with it, it saves bandwidth and proliferate the safe keeping of your seal against possible threats. Adguard uses a unmatched technology that allows you to pass through the transport of your seal, which does not force SOURCE-law. The forward of the pass through will not be niminy-piminy by the vocation VPN-server, because it is located right on your seal. ---------------------------------------------------- Functionality 1. The dedication does not force SOURCE rights, which means that it can be used line for line on any device; 2. Adguard — the first dedication for Android with altered consciousness prominence filtration; 3. Adguard able to obstruction all kinds of advertising. Seriously, everything; 4. The dedication is really basic, usable and intuitive; 5. Safe Keeping against malware and phishing sites. Adguard hinder downloading potentially menacing applications and files, and will not allow you to become a butt of fraud; 6. Blocking is not only in the browser, but also in games and applications!; 7. The dedication speeds up the loading of web pages. Without further elements they unsheltered faster; 8. Safe Keeping of familiar facts. Adguard ban tracking your online activities; 9. Adguard — program, largely recognized in the magic. More than 6 million people from different countries use manifestation for Windows. And Adguard dedication for Android works line for line well. ---------------------------------------------------- What's new in manifestation 2.0.62? 1. Added the sustained-awaited firewall be. Now it is possible to fully authority the internet access of apps in different networks. The apps won’t be able to go online and send any facts without you qualified. In to boot, by using our firewall, you can allow some apps to go to the network only via flexible Internet, while others (for example, ones that force a lot of transport) – only through Wi-Fi. 2. Added app transport monitoring technique. You can praepostor the consumption of app transport in legitimate without surcease. Adguard will presentation you which apps dissipate resources at the note, and display the used transport for day, month or all-without surcease. 3. Added module for blocking advertising domains by DNS (can be develop in advanced settings). DNS filtering consists in Adguard intercepting requests to the DNS server, which let the program know where the particular specialization is, at what IP location. If requests to the specialization should be blocked, then Adguard returns the red-letter blocking return with a lifetime of 1 hour. During this hour, the program will no longer send requests to the DNS server, so the fill will be reduced accordingly. 4. Added Mundane Originate. We have switched to the Mundane originate. 5. Added IPv6 filtering stick up for. This usage may not even be supported by your provider yet, and we have already added its stick up for in VPN state. Just keep using Adguard as if nothing has changed. 6. Implemented blocking of QUIC usage in Google Chrome. Google servers are working based on it, and also with its help Google Chrome loads banners and part ads. At the note, the use of this usage gives no outstanding dominance to the drug, therefore we incontrovertible to obstruction this usage. 7. Added simplified filtering state without cosmetic rules. It is useful for low-end devices meagre by homage and CPU resources. Banners are also wonderfully blocked, but once they are blocked, there will be “holes” that are usually obscured by some cosmetic rules that are backsheesh in other modes of filtering. 8. Added the thrust role for drug rules lists from a complete. 9. Added widget for your desktop, allowing one-click authority for the ad-safe keeping. 10. Added options for update conduit — Beta/Release. If you foresee on using latest beta updates, don«t dismiss from one»s mind to probe the checkbox in advanced settings. 11. Rigged hornet's nest with TCP-heap when downloading pre-eminently a free files (in Google Entertainment, etc.). 12. Remarkably redesigned UDP and TCP connections handling, which led to the fill reduction and proliferate of concurrent connections mob. 13. Use of technique Intents to superintend the utilization from other programs (Tasker, etc.) is now allowed. 14. Improved restarting safe keeping after reconnecting to the network. 15. Rigged hornet's nest with sending MMS through the Verizon superintendent. 16. Rigged sending SMS for T-Flexible users. 17. Added stick up for for NoChromo, Chrome Dev, Amazon Silk. 18. Added an oppose for new Opera Max, you can now use it with Adguard in representative state. 19. Added new icons for different dedication states. Our notifications became more dramatic and revealing with new icons of interruption, available update, or when a conflicting app is develop on the seal. 20. No more standing bar colored icon opportunity in Lollipop. In new Android manifestation Google has released a new originate requirements, and when we assembled Adguard for the new technique while using new technologies, a color icon was “damaged” by meeting tools. Therefore, we had to deliver up the colored icon in the Android Lollipop notification (5.0+). 21. Redesigned interface of drug lists. 22. Added new languages and updated existing localization. 23. Many poor but weighty fixes