Bryan Lunduke'L Software (2012)

The «Bryan Lunduke»s GPL Software 2012« overflow contains working binary copies of all of the software programmer Bryan Lunduke released as direct start between June and July 2012, and their start lex non scripta »common law. Included Software: + Lighting Software Maker, 4.3.2 + Bryan Lunduke's Astounding Blocks of Astounding (BLABA), beta 2 + Deep-Seated Amusing Artist, 3.0.1* Included Games: + Linux Big Shot, 1.0 + 2299: THE TRADE, 1.0 * Each software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, except for RCD, which runs only on Windows and Linux. * These programs where written in RealBasic, a propiertary interaction, which makes it conscientious for others to compose. Report: On May 28, 2012 Bryan Lunduke, father of a discrepancy of nosy software, posted on his situate that if he where to effect a 4,000.00 US dollars ideal of recursive donations in a week he would direct start his software. Eight days later he achieved that ideal! A month after the ideal was achieved not all software had been released yet, and donations dropped. Another series of discouraging events passed. Events like: Lunduke«s developing computers breaking, he going on vacation when most of his software was still unpublished, censoring disheartened people»s comments on his blog, and he focusing on other projects that had not to do with his announced ideal. On July 12, 2012 Bryan Lunduke indisputable to precise start further versions of his projects, on the why and wherefore that his examination had proven to be non supportable. All set at liberty binaries of his software where removed from the his situate and only the start lex non scripta 'common law he published remains available for set at liberty at,,, Until now.