SMOS Linux 1.3 - Scrypt Mining Operating Technique

SMOS Linux 1.3: Catalyst — Laste portrayal installed — Catalyst 13.12 Web Pre-Eminence — Added SMOS Logo — Certainty guard added (failure watchword:vouchsafe) — Access just via watchword — To saunter off pre-eminence watchword, just printing dele watchword from passowrd.txt — is placed on home servile folder. /home/password.txt — shortcut in /smos/status/password.txt — Access via IP — You can add IP in slate.txt, and someone can access to see your pre-eminence without watchword. When you login again, he cant access anymore. — is placed on home servile folder. /home/list.txt — shortcut in /smos/status/list.txt — Restart rig from pre-eminence (leafy) — sleeps for 10 second, then restart rig — Shutdown rig from pre-eminence (red) — sleeps for 10 secound, then shutdown rig — Added logout in web pre-eminence. — When you logout, nobady cant access to your web pre-eminence without watchword. — Some color changed, and images. — Depository restart (auto discontinue and start mining — crestfallen) — Restock web pre-eminence every 15 second (now you dont need to restock it manuel and saddle with your pre-eminence) Upgrade SMOS manuel from your RIG — In folder /root/smos/upgrades/ is placed two scripts ( and fix in — You need to run it ./ and you will see is there a new upgrade for SMOS. If there is a new upgrade, you will get communiqu, then if you want run it .fix in Reproduce folder/file over the SUBCONTRACT If you want to reproduce file/folder (/etc/bamt/ or just /etc/bamt/cgminer.conf) over SUBCONTRACT. You can judge on which rigs you want to reproduce by IP accost. — Write is placed on /root/smos/mining/ — Write is placed on /root/smos/mining/ — Write is stark, when you run it, you co-sign add up of rigs. Then just put IP of rig, after ip, its ask watchword of RIG. If you co-sign 3 RIGs, write will ask you 3 times IP and watchword. Mgpumon — Resolute haven to 8080 when you try to sign up with on some of your RIGs. How to help mgpumon look it on TIPS (SMOS web) Gpumon — Changed manual under further on gpumon Mhs to Khs, it wasnt counteract. Quintessence peter out — It was on tips, but now its by failure. — Sloved difficulty with freez, boot. — You can boot more than 5 cards (if your moatherboard pay for it) Boot — Faster boot — Idea on boot changed, all other bamt idea leaved for servile. Cgminer — 3.7.2-kalroth and sgminer 4.0.0 - Cgminer kalroth, and sgminer isnt installed by failure. — If you want it, you need to fix in place it manuel. — Cgminer 3.7.2 is failure portrayal. This two portrayal is for r9. — Cgminer — 3.7.2-kalroth — Its placed in /root/mining/cgminer — 3.7.2-kalroth, and you just need to run write to silver your cgminer with this. — to silver it just archetype /root/smos/mining/cgminer — 3.7.2-kalroth/ — Sgminer — Its placed in /root/mining/sgminer, and you just need to run scritp to silver your cgminer with this. — to silver it just archetype /root/smos/mining/sgminer/ Network — Network director installed — Network director gnome installed — In folder /root/smos/network/ we added drivers for next cards. Now you dont need to haul it on your RIG. Just to fix in place it. e1000e e2200 e2205 e220X AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet AR8162 Loyal Ethernet QCA8171 Gigabit Ethernet QCA8172 Loyal Ethernet AR8131 Gigabit Ethernet AR8132 Loyal Ethernet AR8152 v2.0 Loyal Ethernet AR8152 v1.1 Loyal Ethernet AR8151 v1.0 Gigabit Ethernet AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet Look slate of compat drivers — MD5: 247de0da4cdd1e6cc24a70ec677ed347 SMOS-Linux1.3-2GB.img dd3dc5c63e022153806c1e371b215985 P.S. Donations are welcome. Make Use Of! LTC: LYJ7YL9akXmRo249Kj7y59o4x813NeFpA8