USB BT Joystick Center 8 v8.0.7.apk

After countless dissemble files I«ve at long last institute a working maximum understanding of USB/BT Joystick Center that doesn»t collapse every few minutes and doesn«t scrutiny if it»s proper when connected to internet. About this inundation: from Google Cooperative Store: This app is NOT WORKING with all Devices and it's NOT WORKING with all ROMs you are using! The most problems are incompatibilities with ROMs with limited/changed USB/Bluetooth guy. — NO SEARCH: You DON'T need SEARCH for the «MAIN» App (USB/BT Joystick Center) — ANDROID 4.2: has NO Wii OUTLYING GUY (circumscribed by the new Bluetooth API)! — YOU NEED: A Strategy with material «Full API USB Host» or Bluetooth Guy. — POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Try out a Habit Rom to fix Strategy Issues! (CyanogenMod Rom) ABOUT this App: With this app you can use «nearly» every USB Joystick/Gamepad and also some Wireless Joysticks. If you want to simulate Emulators like: C64,AMIGA,GBA,N64,DOSBox, ...) then this app is the right one for you. With the Joy2Touch Server App (*Root* required!) you can also playing use only games like: ShadowGun, Present-Day Difference, Gone Trigger, Asphalt, Fifa, Minecraft, ...). Features (USB/BT Joystick Center App): — Guy for some Wireless Joysticks (Sixaxis,X360,Moga,iCade,iControlPad,PhoneJoy,Wii Outlying,Zeemote) — Guy for the most USB Joysticks — Guy for Keyboards — Guy for Xperia Simulate — Create/Modify/Save/Load Settings (Buttons/Sticks/Sliders,Use-Mappings) Additional features with the «Joy2Touch Server» App (for this App you NEED SEARCH!): — Joystick->Touch Gaming — Joystick->Mouse — Wii-Outlying IR Rod -> Use — Mouse & Keyboard -> Use Supported Wireless Devices: — PS3 Sixaxis Controller without search (* CSR BT 2.x/EDR+ USB Bewilder is required) — X360 Controller (* «USB Wireless Gaming Receiver for PC» is required) — Bluetooth Keyboards — iCade — iControlPad (SPP Fashion) — Moga Filch — PhoneJoy — Wii Remotes 1-4 + Nunchuck + Notable (not possible with Android 4.2.x) — Zeemote * Please study the pairing help entrails the app Wired — USB (supported with fall short drivers, others you can generate by yourself): — PS3 Sixaxis — X360 Controller — Wired — Logitech (Rumble, F310, F710) — Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Faultlessness — X360 Rockband: USB Guitars/Drums — N64 «Controller Adapter for PC USB» — PSX 1/2 «USB Gamepad Converter Dualschock» — SNES «Controller Adapter for PC USB» — C64/128/A600 «Keyrah» USB Keyboard Adapter — PSX 1|2 «Super Dual Box Advanced» Adapter for PC