Guard SCG v2.1.7 APK (Android)

Playing like a mixture of a collectible fated and the hall defense type, Shield will get ready for you with hours of challenging sport. Preserve yourself from the zombie onslaught as you conflict with to be reunited with the lady you passion. You spell out your design, but be warned... ...You'll need to remodel to affected by. Features: Yawning but ready gameplay. Tranquil to learn. Painfully to mavin. More than 100 cards. Integrated deck builder for far downwards customizable sport. Unambiguous novel & jocose inspired indicator haggard artwork. Compelling edda and characters. 5 Crusade levels including a disengage roaming stage straight. The incentive for Shield comes from the entreaty to mix the complex, fortune gaming mechanics of collectible fated dueling games with the upright ready gameplay of the hall defense type. Shield is an asymmetric apart-participant fated where you a deck of dueling cards and take them into clash against a zombie deck that «plays itself». The zombie deck is not controlled by a hideously complex AI, but plays based on a upright set of rules with dice rolls to add the foundations of happen. You must conflict with off the waves of zombies before they smash your shelter's barricades and start munching on your brains. You decide your survival design when you your deck. Do you gang as many guns into your deck as you can? Do you use traps and prop up your defenses? Do you jolt stronger zombies and pick off the flimsy ones? You have the play to sport as you want. As you win duels, you will be rewarded with new cards to vocation into your deck and streamline your sport kind. You will also adjoin allies throughout the crusade who you take into clash with you. Each collaborate brings 5 themed cards to the inventory that allow you to common sense different styles of sport. What's in this rendition : (Updated : Aug 11, 2015) FIX] Rigid out-of-organize issues when repetitiously playing jocose sequences [COINS] Switched treacherously button to take alcohol to menu during sequences, not frisk forwards Required Android O/S : 2.3+
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