Kali Linux 1.07 x64

May, 2014 SHA1: 7f0ef5343b7860c338b0d63cf8db6667c7d10823 Kali Linux 1.0.7 Released Posted on: 05-27-2014 Posted by: muts Core 3.14, Puppet Updates, Enclose Improvements Kali linux 1.0.7 has just been released, finish with a whole cluster of puppet updates, a new core, and some chilled new features. Obstruction out our changelog for a exhaustive liber veritatis of these items. As normal, you don’t need to re-download or re-inaugurate Kali to advantage from these updates – you can update to the latest and greatest using these mere commands: apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade # If you've just updated your core, then: reboot Kali Linux Encrypted USB Stamina One of the new sought out features introduced (which is also up to a given creditable for the core update) is the capacity to fabricate Kali Linux White-Hot USB with LUKS Encrypted Stamina. This star ushers in a new era of arrogate Kali Linux USB portability, allowing us to either boot to a “clean” Kali epitome or alternatively, overlay it with the contents of a rigid encrypted separation, all within the same USB whirl. Puppet Developers Ahoy! This set also marks the opening of some co-ordinated efforts between Kali developers and puppet developers to fashion sure their tools are represented correctly and are fully running within Kali Linux. We would like to thank the metasploit, w3af, and wpscan dev teams for working with us to exquisite their Kali packages and await that more puppet developers verge on in. Puppet developers are welcome to send us an email to and we’ll be fortunate to employment with you to better combine your puppet into Kali. Kali Linux: Greater Than the Sum of its Parts For quite some age now, we’ve been preaching that Kali Linux is more than a “Linux apportionment with a gleaning of tools in it”. We put in a meritorious of age and resources developing and enabling features in the apportionment which we think are useful for acuteness testers and other surety professionals. These features kind from things like “live-build“, which allows our end users to obviously customize their own Kali ISOs to features like White-Hot USB stamina encryption, which provides paranoid users with an kicker layer of surety. Many of these features are harmonious ' to Kali and can be set nowhere else. We’ve started tallying these features and linking them from our Kali documentation epoch – obstruction it out, it’s growing to be an formidable liber veritatis! Torrents, Accepted Gadget & ARM images In the next few days, Threatening Surety will propagate Accepted Gadget and specially ARM images for the 1.0.7 set. We will state the availability of these images via our blogs and Warble feeds, so hinder tuned!.
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