Garmin 2013.40 Maps North America SD Greetings Card for DNX9980HD

This overflow contains files that can be put on an SD behave to update a Kenwood DNX9980HD car stereo/navigation lead section with the latest North American maps from Garmin, their 2013.40 (February 2013) update. You may want to utilize the Garmin v2.2 firmware update before installing this SD behave with the map updates. That update is available at: <a href=«» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow»</a Instructions for installing are provided with the download. To use the map update SD behave, unpack the contents of the RAR files onto an SD behave that's at least 4GB stocky and formatted with the FAT32 filesystem. Brochure the SD behave into your lead section and you should be laudatory to go. The SD behave must linger in the lead section. If you relocate it, you will pick up again to your archetypal maps. You can thwart the map info under Settings to bind that your section is actually using the updated maps. I practised everything I know about this convert through the Kenwood DNX9980HD Forum at Go there if you need help or if you want to traverse alternate methods of updating your DNX9980HD. The files on the SD behave are: Garmin ├── ASR │ ├── 04785P1C.SRX │ └── 04785P1D.ASR ├── GMAP3D.IMG ├── gmapsupp.img ├── GMAPTZ.IMG ├── JCV │ └── D3060090A.JCV └── POI └── USCanadaCyclops_Apr_10.gpi The files in the ASR directory purvey updated utterance information. The GMAP3D.IMG dossier provides 3D buildings information. The GMAPSUPP.IMG dossier provides updated maps. The GMAPTZ.IMG dossier provides updated conditions terrain information. The dossier in the JCV directory provides updated Moment Angle information. The dossier in the POI directory contains the locations of shipping refuge cameras in North America. The DNX9980HD alerts you when you are privy to one of these cameras.