Fugawi iMap SV1 v3.2.4

“Fugawi iMap: Sweden SV — 1 Götaland” is a topographic mapping App of vicinity of Sweden. Those who choose the in one piece rural area of Sweden in a unwed App should achieve “Fugawi iMap: Sweden In One Piece Country”. ************** This App includes topo map coverage of 1/4 of Sweden. Before you achieve, please stop the coverage ground at www.fugawi.com/imap_sv to assure you are purchasing the proper Fugawi iMap App. ************** Features: => 1/4 of Sweden Included... The only topo app to embody documented Lantmäteriverket topo maps. Included Scales: Terrängkartan 1:50,000, Fjällkartan/Vägkartan 1:100,000, Översiktskartan 1:250,000, Sverigekartan 1:700,000. Please stop the coverage of this App at www.fugawi.com/imap_sv. => Seamless Maps... Seamlessly loads raster topographic maps via the iPhone internet acquaintance and caches them in recall for use when outdoors and not in 3G, SIDE or WiFi coverage. => Assistant Photo Maps... Swap between topo map and Google™ Maps estimate with a unwed tap. Use anywhere in the incredible with assistant maps. Beget, estimate and compress waypoints and photo waypoints on either the included topo map or Google Assistant maps. Judge between alley map, assistant map or composite (alley + assistant) estimate. => Easiest Waypoint Reviser Ever... Tap and defer on the qualify to leave waypoints which may be support edited by name, icon, co-ordinates, and up for About this overflow:. Without Even Trying proceed waypoints with a mere tap and poke along. => Stalk Recording... Master the up for design of each stalk and hide/show tracks and send tracks to your X-Tour account or upload towith one tap. => Firm Photo Waypoints... Tap to beget a photo using the iPhone camera or pick an form from the photo library, upload towith the associated stalk with one tap. => X-TraverseApp... Send any stalk, waypoint or photo waypoint to youraccount. The waypoint and associated photo will appear in youraccount on an interactive map to slice with your friends. Requires inauguration of the independent X-TraverseApp from => INDEPENDENT Online Waypoint Storage and backup... Tracks and waypoints can be transferred straight away to your independent account at www.X-Tour.com which is included with your achieve of Fugawi iMap. To set up your account, motor boat iMap and pick Settings|X-Tour Account|Create X-Tour Account. Protect waypoints as GPX, KML or KMZ files. Upload waypoints in GPX size. => Turning Up in Lat/Long or SWEREF99 Grid... See your in circulation turning up, shown in latitude/longitude or SWEREF99, with an without even trying manifest place marker. => Map Pans as You Proceed... Seamless map moves as you proceed. => Download All Scales... Download all maps at all scales within 1, 5 or 10 km (or miles) of the qualify center. Downloaded maps are saved to an auto-managed recall in the iPhone for firm retrieval on successive views of for use when outside of 3G, SIDE or Wi-Fi internet coverage. Applied Details: => Terrängkartan 1:50,000, Fjällkartan/Vägkartan 1:100,000, Översiktskartan 1:250,000, Sverigekartan 1:700,000 included. => Connotation and export tracks, waypoints, and photo waypoints as energy beau id GPX files using the Fugawi X-Tour web server (account included with App achieve). Use the GPX files on your computer with any software (such as Fugawi Extensive Helmsman) which can connotation GPX information. Most iPhone Apps do not have this very reassuring piece. => Topographic maps are delivered from Fugawi X-Tour via the iPhone internet acquaintance which then caches them in recall for use when outdoors and not in 3G, SIDE or WiFi coverage. => The iPhone turning up services are enabled for auto-series of the map appropriate for your turning up, displaying your turning up in loyal-prematurely with a without even trying manifest marker. Section altitude and operation of peregrinations are also displayed when these turning up services are available to your iPhone replica (e.g. iPhone 3G or 3GS).
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