Arturia - Matrix-12 V v1.1.0.522 R2 AU.AAX.VST.VST3.ST OS X [PiT

Arturia &#151; Matrix &#151; 12 V v1.1.0.522 R2 AU.AAX.VST.VST3.ST OS X [PiTcHsHiFteR][dada] 106.3 MB AU/AAX/VST/VST3/ST appearance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href=" — 12-v/details« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 12-v/details</a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOCUMENT THE MATRIX The massively potent Oberheim Matrix 12 has been resurrected at last. Using our TAE™ modeling techonology. we are able to recapture and cause you this savage of a synthesizer. Often coveted, scarcely ever develop for trading, and known as one of the greatest analog synths ever made, the Oberheim Matrix 12 was the crowning acme of Oberheim products. Used by the likes of Joe Zawinul, Michael Brecker, Keith Emerson, Vince Clarke, Tangerine Speculation, Nitzer Ebb, and many more, it is now available to you too. Accessory Features While the Matrix 12 was astounding in itself, we pushed it further by adding new effects series for further processing of the resound. We also expanded the allowed of modulations from 20 to 40 giving you even more original unrestraint. Add to this the genius to hold sway over all the parameters via MIDI, you can now do automations in a DAW or manually that could never be done before. Principal Features &#151; Two oscillators, each sacrifice triangle, sawtooth and mutable-breadth vibration sign with PWM. &#151; Oscillator 2 also offers a wan spread generator. &#151; Oscillator 1 can be frequency modulated. &#151; Distinct purify with 15 modes, 4 Low Archaic, 3 Strident Archaic, 2 Fillet Archaic modes, Indent, Appearance Take Care Of plus four additional «combo» purify modes. &#151; Ultra-potent modulation matrix with 27 sources and 47 destinations. &#151; Sources contain 5 envelopes, 5 LFOs, 4 Acclivity, 3 Footprints generators, Velocity, Power, Keyboard follow... &#151; Two wraparound actually slots with six studio-score effects to elect from. &#151; 12 voices of polyphony like the real written agreement. &#151; Multitimbrality. ————————————— INSTRUCTIONS: —Unzip and connect ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not atone filthy lucre with this software... Recall to BUY the swill if you USE it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- subsequent-dada ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMXV (04)