EasyLapse PRO v2.1.9.P APK (Android)

EasyLapse is an app that lets anyone reveal stylish antiquated be discontinued videos or mobility videos. There is wipe out ads in the proficient type and can use all functions without a limit more. We contemplate you will have a ball making all kinds of antiquated be discontinued videos in all kinds of places!! Features: You can part videos you reveal on Instagram orwith just 2 steps The modification for sharing is very clear. Restrain the opening, and if you made an exciting video, scrape it right away. After that, just pick out a group media party line like Instagram or You can add your pick of backstage music (BGM) to a video You can add your pick of BGM to the videos you reveal. In reckoning to the music provided, you can set a ditty stored on your apparatus as the BGM. You can redo this as many times as you want. Also supports making selfie videos It is also compatible with fa-fa cameras. Not only can you reveal antiquated be discontinued videos of scenery, you can also reveal antiquated be discontinued videos of your own facial expressions. Supports 1080P, 720P, and 480P video sizes The come up short is 720P. The fa-fa camera uses a put-up assay. You may not be able use 1080P with some models. You can reveal mobility videos It is equipped with a enchiridion filming status that lets you reveal a video like a inspection in a snap ticket-kind homemade film by filming give form by give form. Supports converse video playback Maybe a video that isn't exciting played normally might become exciting if you frisk it widdershins!? Column Register: [Settings] Set Scrape Folder Set Fineness Self Timer Recording Auto-let-up Mute Shutter Distant Charge Shutter [Editing] Add/Change Music Converse Playback Drift Extrinsic Video Part Vibrant GIF (BETA) [Filming] Pale Match Double Sieve Fasten Uncovering Grid Lines Scintillation [Sharing] Instagram Bulletin Other, Google+, Youtube, etc. Uses By presenting an extended inspection in a shorter while of antiquated, you can endure mobility and changes in the scenery that you cannot detect with the unsheathed eye. This is what makes antiquated be discontinued videos exciting. Examples 1. Sunrise scenes, sunset scenes 2. Scenes transitioning from daytime to a nighttime inspection 3. Extended scenes such as painting a image, assembling a artificial beau id, assembling a jigsaw mull over, or playing video games 4. Your own diurnal viability 5. Cleaning from creation to end Tips for Filming 1. When filming, use a tripod or other mat to keep your smartphone as still as possible. 2. Having some stationary objects appear in your videos makes them more exciting. Uses FFmpeg under laxity of LGPL. What's in this type : Bug fixes and show improvements. Required Android O/S : 4.1+