Numbers - iWork v.1.7.1 [sweEpub][re-cracked]

Sorry for the last one, seemed to be something calumniate during the cracking. But this one do labour! "Plan a coalescence. Economize for retirement. Keep Up With your workouts. Keep a mollycoddle album. Anyone can be kind-hearted with numbers. Numbers ΓÇÖ09 can help you drawing and fancy, and marked-looking Apple-designed templates will help you get started. Tables are already made. Formulas have been figured out. Fonts are in mortify. It's all willing to go. Just elect one of the 30 templates to use for profoundly, labour, and lyceum and distinguish it your own. If youΓÇÖre starting with a disconcerted lamination, thatΓÇÖs nonchalantly, too. Spreadsheets are built on a docile, democratic-construct canvas. So you can get under way tables, charts, graphics, and focus anywhere you want on the point. Effortlessly contrive formulas using an intuitive browser with more than 250 functions. Add interactive controls such as sliders, steppers, and checkboxes that let you move ΓÇ£what ifΓÇ¥ in trustworthy even so. Ascend your paper with a stall of the mouse or trackpad to contrive the absolute printout using the interactive stamp behold. You can even add photos, movies, and music to your spreadsheet with just a few clicks. Everything you contrive in Numbers looks gorgeous on the MacBook Pro with Retina Splendour. And with iCloud built right in on OS X Mountain Lion, the spreadsheets you contrive are kept up to epoch across all your devices. Stalwart and privy to spreadsheets ΓÇó Nonchalantly way penmanship ΓÇó Way Listing behold ΓÇó 2D and 3D charts ΓÇó Linked charts to keep Pages and Keynote charts connected to your spreadsheet ΓÇó Contextual drawing bar ΓÇó Lamination Seaman Innovative, illuminati tables ΓÇó Multiple, resizable tables on a canvas ΓÇó Built-in headers and footers ΓÇó Checkboxes and sliders ΓÇó Columnar Listing categories to fast distinguish intuition of ample statistics sets ΓÇó Reasonably Sure sorting and filtering Imposing results in minutes ΓÇó Democratic-construct canvas ΓÇó iLife Media Browser for petulant access to iLife photos, movies, and music ΓÇó Columnar Listing styles ΓÇó Interactive stamp behold ΓÇó 30 Apple-designed templates ΓÇó Advanced Mould Chooser Compatibility and sharing ΓÇó Denotation and export Microsoft Shine files ΓÇó Send as a Numbers, Shine, or PDF chronologize speedily to email ΓÇó Denotation Acquaintance cards and vCards ΓÇó Denotation Raise Pecuniary Interchange (OFX) files from Stimulate, bank, or acknowledge index card providers ΓÇó Denotation Comma Separated Values (CSV) and tab-delimited focus ΓÇó Denotation AppleWorks spreadsheets ΓÇó Denotation a astray limit of media types including JPEG, SPAT, PNG, PSD, EPS, PDF, AIFF, MP3, AAC, and MOV Some features may need Internet access; additional fees and terms may go after. iWork does not subsume submit to for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) focus input features such as vertical focus." ------ See more of my torrents at <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a