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[img]http://shop.cai-systeme.com/images/product_images/popup_images/947_0.jpg[/img] [b]IF YOU LIKE THIS AND WANT MORE PLEASE MAKE A REACTION BELOW![/b] [size=150][color=gray]What is Media Composer?[/color][/size] Media Composer is the most proven video editing software in the energy, trusted by excellent editors in every piece of film making, tv, disseminate, and streaming media. Designed to manoeuvre important volumes of disparate queue-based media, Media Composer delivers accelerated important-res and HD workflows, genuine-sometimes collaboration, and energetic media top brass, eliminating sometimes-consuming tasks so you can pinpoint on considerable a titanic article. And now the option is yours—edit on premises, or remotely through the cloud—access through a low-payment fee, on-requisition via floating certify, or own it outright—making Media Composer the most well-grounded and obtainable sucker for excellent originative opinion piece. [size=150][color=gray]Instructions[/color][/size] [trifling]1) Fit AVID Media Composer 8.3.1 using either the DMG provided in the effusion or through the download identify with: http://cdn.avid.com/Media_Composer/8.3.1/Media_Composer_8.3.1_Mac.dmg 2) After you«ve installed the program and restarted your computer you now need to inaugurate the Elixør cracking sucker. The sucker is located in the same folder as this README. Once it»s bare Selected: «Crack Avid!» and everything should effort flawlessly. 3) Unhook your internet on the first inaugurate. If the program prompts you to start, selected online activation. 4) That should be it! The Time Of One's Life :-)[/small] [b]NOTE[/b]: If for any object the program won't bare after installation/patching you may need to reset permissions on the «/Applications/Avid Media Composer/» Folder. This is actually really unsophisticated. Download «Permissions Reset» by Ohanaware. Be Extended the folder into he program and click «Reset». [color=gray][size=150]Changes:[/size][/color] [*] [b]Construct 8.3.1:[/b] Brings QuickTime Export for DNxHR, Substantiate for XAVC-I UHD/4K, Export DNxHR as MXF OP1a, Media The Universe Fall Short Transform, Mac GPU Substantiate (Certain Effects can now be accelerated using GPU components on Mac systems.) [*] [b]Construct 8.3:[/b] Brings us 2K, 4K and UHD substantiate, New Rates, Color Top Brass, LUT Enhancements, Surrogate Modus Operandi, DPX Export, Bright Run Bin, Catalogue Sucker, Color Info Sucker and much more… [*] [b]Construct 8.2:[/b] Brings us a obscurity inconspicuous renderer, favorite bins, selected undertaking window improvements, bright run meadow in undertaking window, search for markers, corporealization hide for thumbnails, prophecy for scold changes, and much more! [*] [b]Construct 8.1:[/b] Brings us AAX — 64, Exporting MXF OP1a, Regard Purfle Colors and Icons, Run out AMA Media, Placing titles in timelines, Changes to dragging in the UI, Substantiate for ARRI AMIRA Camera, Muting Clips, Disabling a video footmarks, multiple audio mixdowns, assembly rate substantiate for steroscopic clips, environs for selecting filler, extending kaftan spruce, end of spruce indicators, and much more! [*] [b]Construct 8.0:[/b] Was just certify changes, really stale abilities. lol [color=gray][size=150]Organized Whole Requirements:[/size][/color] *Mac OSX 10.8.5+ [b]Lingo:[/b] English [b]URL:[/b] http://www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/overview