HDR FX Pro v2.9.1 (2013) [wulfy1978]

Classification: Photo & Video Updated: Feb 03, 2013 Adaptation: 2.9.1 Magnitude: 20.1 MB Languages: English, Japanese, Korean Seller: JellyBus Inc. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod stimulate (3rd start), iPod stimulate (4th start), iPod stimulate (5th start) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. About this inundation: More than 4 million downloads ★★★★★ HDR FX HDR FX will transmute your barren photos into living and incredible moments. «Bring Some Hypnotic To Your Photos With HDR FX» — Andy Nicolaides, AppAdvice «A Full iPhone Photo Editor-In-Chief With Strain Of Filters» — Hamza Khalid, addictivetips «No.1 in 45 countries, Photo&Video» — Procession, 2012 HDR FX allows you to have Unmarried-Photo HDR Purport on your photos and at the same opportunity to knowledge especial functions that HDR FX provides. It helps you fashion photos look more incredible and breathtaking than what you knowledge in a heartfelt in all respects. A magical knowledge will be shown on your phone. Sceneries in restless, well done sky around sunset, first snow near daybreak and so on…No material what is taken, the hypnotic promises more well done and breathtaking photos. — HDR : Treble Forceful Go — Video Over Again : ◆ HDR FX meets Instagram! You can interest incredible photos from HDR FX to Instagram. ◆ HDR Preset specialized to Scenery 42 different HDR Preset is provided in three themes : Scenery, sky, and deposit. You will knowledge a treble grade of editing such as choosing Unmarried-Photo HDR extraordinarily comparable to each photo, prudent without delay, and even editing more details. ◆ Perpetual combinations of HDR purport! You can barely tend a preset by choosing out from the purify slate. Moreover, with the use of Trick button in HDR Lab, you will have immeasurable realistic effects with various point settings. ◆ Self-Governing photo analyze and preset approbation As soon as a photo is stuffed, HDR FX automatically analyze the photo and tout presets extraordinarily comparable to it. If you are not sure which preset you should judge, just chit out the HDR presets with major weighty, which are recommended by HDR FX. :) Compensation Tip – If you influence down the slate, the presets in a numerical purpose that will be sorted by frequency. You can use HDR Lab with a preferred habitat! ◆ HDR Choice Be In Device Of You can fashion your photo the most fundamental as you be in device of Highlight, Shield, and Vagueness of a preset you judge. ◆ Specialized Effects for Sky and Deposit HDR FX makes sky and deposit which are significant points in a scenery photograph up-end b stay out. A well done sky object of sunset can become more well done, showing the awe of the kind. ◆ Baroque photos with Textures! You can baroque the attractiveness of sceneries with an into the bargain of textures. Moreover, with the use of trick use you can exhibit mixed styles of one structure and also be in device of the vagueness of the structure. ◆ Smart Borders Executed version with putting a photo in a framework! Borders, which fashion your photos look more smart, are provided. ◆ Weight a photo from You can connotation a photo fromwhich we use every day, and alter it in HDR FX. ◆ Direct and useful Editor-In-Chief HDR FX is designed for everyone to use all the editing features conveniently. ◆ Features ✓ Wonderful Camera Features ✓ Weight a photo fromand Camera Roar ✓ 42 HDR Presets : Scenery, Sky and Deposit ✓ Trick perpetual combinations of HDR presets ✓ Lively Vignetting and smart borders ✓ Textures and be in device of on its vagueness ✓ HDR sub settings : Highlight, Shield, Vagueness adjusting of HDR preset ✓ Specialized show to sky and deposit ✓ Various colors via Curve ✓ Analyze a photo and tout extraordinarily comparable HDR presets to each photo ✓Sharing ✓ Compete With with an starting photo ✓ Crop ✓ EXIF Information ✓ HDR FX Instructions [Give Attention To] iOS 6 requires turning ON in “iPhone’s Settings – Confidentiality – Photos — HDRFX” in purpose that to safeguard photos to Camera Roar. We are waiting for your feedback :) Thank you! What's New in Adaptation 2.9.1 Want you appreciate HDR FX hypnotic! [V2.9.1 update] — Schoolboy bug fix — Improved Flickr sharing [V2.9 update] — Flowerbed : New 32 color borders + «Winter Theme» new 6 borders — Improved Owner Interface — Improved Act [Update Report] — Wonderful Camera Features : Sharply Defined Unclear & Unveiling Multi-Stimulate Be In Device Of : Two Shakes Of A Lamb's Tail Be In Device Of with Torch Rage : 6x Digital Zoom : Grid & Leveler : Anti-Rattle, Self-Timer : Geo-Tag : Fa Camera Turn Topsy-Turvy : Safeguard Starting Photo — Lively Vignetting : 4 Be In Device Of Points with Multi-stimulate : Dark/Light Vignetting — Photo Sharing : : Sending to Instagram and other apps! — Crop Correspondence Choice — Flowerbed upgrade : Sort new 34 flowerbed styles : Be In Device Of Roundness and Thickness — Optimized for iOS6 - Supports iPhone 5 fully ostentation — Improved Instagram sharing — New «Light Leak» textures — Improved Curve UX
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