Sector: Bring Networking Updated: Feb 02, 2013 Construct: 6.8 Dimensions: 6.3 MB Languages: English, French, German, Spanish Seller: jonathan tebo Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod mention, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. About this outpouring: ContactsXL for iPhone and iPad lets you handle your contacts, form groups, occasion your favorites by tapping their photo, immediately send SMS and Email to groups, get notified of your contacts' birthdays, publishing blue-pencil the duplicates from your approach devote lyrics, backup your contacts, occasion using a T9 dialer, portion support with cards, point of view your with pictures in the with catalogue raisonn. And even more! You can update your contacts with their vigorish pictures, birthdays and report from Key Features: ✔MANAGE YOUR CONTACTS AND GROUPS: Form, reorganize and publishing blue-pencil your contacts! Form, rename, begin and publishing blue-pencil groups and shrewd groups! ✔FAVORITES PHOTO DIALER: Immediately occasion your favorites by tapping their photos! ✔BIRTHDAYS CATALOGUE RAISONN + BIRTHDAY REMINDERS: Get notified when one of your contacts has his birthday! ✔QUICKLY SEND SMS AND EMAIL TO GROUPS: Send bring messages very immediately. With the tribal apps, you have to add contacts one by one! + TWITTERING INTEGRATION: Scan yournews devour, your enclosure and the walls of your friends! Scan your Twittering word devour, your tweets and the tweets of your contacts! ✔SYNC WITH+ SUGGESTION FRIENDS Update your contacts with their vigorish depict and report from(birthday, approach devote, firm and job legend). Suggestion friends fromto your with catalogue raisonn! ✔DELETE DUPLICATES: Publishing Blue-Pencil the duplicates from your approach devote lyrics! ✔FAST T9 DIALER: Occasion your contacts using a T9 dialer that auto-fills in with numbers as you tap the buttons! (iPhone only) ✔USE TEMPLATES FOR BRING MESSAGES: Form, reorganize and use templates when sending bring messages! ✔SORT YOUR CONTACTS: Stock your contacts according to the fields you on! ✔SEARCH BY ANY CRICKET PITCH: Search and come across contacts by any cricket pitch in their funny man destined! ✔SMART GROUPS: With shrewd groups you set the parameters, and the groups update automatically! ✔COVERFLOW: Coverflow lets you scan your contacts by flipping through their photos! (iPhone only) ✔DUPLICATE WITH INFO: Form new contacts who portion simple report faster! ✔QUICKLY PUBLISHING BLUE-PENCIL MULTIPLE CONTACTS: Preclude at the same time by deleting multiple contacts at once! ✔BACKUP CONTACTS: Backup your contacts and export them by Email or to your computer via iTunes! ✔SHARE WITH INFO: Portion with report by bulletin or email. On the fields to portion by bulletin! ✔CUSTOMIZE THE APP: On the tract, the content to parade, the font and photo sizes, the menu items, etc..! ✔THE APP IS ALL-ENCOMPASSING: This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. And it is optimized for iPhone 5! Thank you all for your comments, they are just staggering! What's New in Construct 6.8 -New: gifts to portion with info via bulletin by choosing which fields to portion -New brute tract -New sidebar menu — 20 new themes -Abilty to support its own tract — 1604 is no longer displayed in with cards when a fixture of childbirth has no year -Midget improvements