gogoCLIENT 1.2 IPv6 underground passageway Win/Linux/BSD

Overview gogoCLIENT™ is a ubiquities IP patient, which offers replete IP connectivity regardless of the underlying treaty. It has a minor footprint and can without difficulty be integrated in devices to offer replete compatibility with IPv6 or to offer IPv6 or IPv4 connectivity. gogoCLIENT trait overview: IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling IPv4 over IPv6 tunneling Dual-store lite Unfailing NAT traversal Interpretation Minor footprint Habitation Access (HA) IPv6-Immediate certified IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels gogoCLIENT automates the configuration of IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels as specified in RFC 2893 for TSP tunnels. Because this touchstone is available on all IPv6-enabled hosts and routers on the store, gogoSERVER provides IPv6 connectivity to any existing insigne. IPv4 in IPv6 tunnels gogoCLIENT supports IPv4 in IPv6 tunnels. It allows the deployment of IPv4 services to dual-store hosts behind an IPv6-only network and facilitates the deployment of next-fathering networks. Dual-store lite gogoSERVER offers talk to unrestricted IPv4 buttress using IPv4 over IPv6 tunneling in set with NAT, dual-store lite. This is a gadget that allows Internet handling providers to make safe subject continuity regardless of the deliver of IPv4 addresses. Unfailing NAT traversal The gogoCLIENT supports IPv6 in UDP IPv4 tunnels, allowing it to confirm IPv6 connectivity even when an IPv4 NAT is in the strategy. Interpretation gogoCLIENT has over interpretation pack that can be used to suppose IPv4 devices IPv6 compliant as well as allow IPv4 network to chat with over an IPv6 network. Minor footprint The gogoCLIENT without difficulty fits on embedded devices and has been ported to travail on a multitude of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and OpenWRT. HA (HomeAccess) The gogoCLIENT also includes the HA patient component, which allows users to access devices and services in their restrictive habitation network with IPv4 in an unceremonious and economic way using IPv6. IPv6-Immediate certified The gogoCLIENT is IPv6-immediate certified and any produce that incorporates the gogoCLIENT will automatically acquire the IPv6-immediate certification.