Risqu Pup – (V1 Released 3rd Walk 2014) desktop reification from/more at http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=762232#762232 [instance]This is the first non-accessibility Puplet that I have attempted and as it transpired the simplest! Spirit for it came in the bearing of Windows 8.1, with its genius to rod between a conventional desktop and the “Metro” variety touch tranche interface. Other goals were Chromebook like further together with artlessness of use. “Blue” was the MS codename for Win 8.1, which hopefully it should take one's leave of trailing in the dust. It is likely to polarise way of thinking and is based on Quirky Tahr model 6.05 k3-12-6. The institute is to a USB2 or USB3 tough it out protrude of at least 8GB. By lapse it boots to the Metro interface but that comportment is easy as pie changed so that it boots instead to a criterion desktop. The nautical port supervision Windows key is used to dispatch or re-dispatch the Metro interface. The right supervision Windows key switches to the criterion desktop as does the menu key. Detailed Hot Air: Whilst the blazing divide Metro interface is excellent for launching a web based appositeness or a locally held theme record, it cannot dispatch a regional app and the use of ALT+TAB can be a pang if you have several apps ice-free. It is also far too easygoing to dispatch the same app twice. The working adopted is to rely on key bindings which behind the times variables to a handwriting which in conjunction with wmctrl jack up a window and present it sharply defined unclear if an app is already on-going or if it is not on-going, dispatch it or another handwriting to do so. This sounds complex but is all in the unnoticed. In rule, if at any identify b say you are in the Metro or criterion desktop interface and wish to dispatch or jack up E-affix for example you only have to urgency ALT+E. Items Installed/Modified. (Nothing has been removed from QT &#151; Thanks to bolded forum members) xdotool &#151; 2.20110530.1-3|no About this effusion: provided (Stu90) PupControl &#151; 2.3|PupControl panel (radky) cursor_themes &#151; 1-1|themes for mouse cursor PupSnap &#151; 1.8_Scrot &#151; 0.8_32Bit|PupSnap divide take (radky) PupClockset &#151; 2.2.1|PupClockset straw boss (radky) getflash &#151; 1.5-1|GetFlash Institute Flashplayer (shinobar) thunderbird &#151; 16.0.1|Thunderbird affix reader (Updated to 24.3.0) tickr &#151; 0.6.0-i686|RSS Wine Reader faenza_lrx_new|no About this effusion: provided (522256741 & big_bass) skype &#151;|Skype Telephony (OscarTalks) chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra_32.0.1700.107|Extra ffmpeg codecs for the Chromium Browser chromium-browser_32.0.1700.107|Chromium browser flashplayer11-|Adobe Shimmer Instrumentalist 11 browser plugin and Preferences. wmctrl_1.07-7|control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Straw Boss New metro tab Chrome spreading model 1.0.1 A few new scripts plus changes to jwmrc-familiar. Some pre-configuration of metro spreading tiles, Chromium and Thunderbird. Revised syslinux.cfg Various new icons. Extensive Key Combinations: (Regardless of interface) RH Windows key – Cajole Visible desktop. (The menu key can also be used for this) LH Windows key – Cajole Visible metro interface. ALT+E – Dispatch or jack up Thunderbird. (Letters are not the reality quick-tempered) ALT+S &#151; Dispatch or jack up Skype. ALT+P – Dispatch or jack up VLC. (Set as lapse instrumentalist) ALT+T – Dispatch or jack up tickr. (RSS wine reader) PrtScr – Dispatch PupSnap. F12 – Access JWM menu. (Urgency Esc to climax) Deft Key Combinations within metro interface &#151; In sorority of predilection. 1. Alt+left arrow and Alt+right arrow to get going past due and forth. 2. Ctrl+1, or Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+3 etc etc – to get going between ice-free tabs. 3. Ctrl+T – Ice-Free or re-dispatch metro tab. (If not possible with 1 or 2) F11 – Toggle cajole visible of bookmarks bar. Where to gain the IMG.XZ (575 MB) The img.xz and win32diskimager-v0.7-binary together with their MD5s are to be initiate here: <a href=" http://www.puppylinuxstuff.meownplanet.net/ETP/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.puppylinuxstuff.meownplanet.net/ETP/</a (Australia) Install Procedure: I cannot do better than quote from Barry’s notes. Quote: Method D: 8GB image This ready-to-go for a 8GB (or greater) USB Flash stick or SD card. The steps, for Linux: Download quirky &#151; 6.1-8gb.img.xz, from one of the above links. Expand and install (for example of Flash drive being sdb) (in a non-Puppy distro, you might have to do the «sudo» thing, to run as root): # xz --decompress --stdout quirky &#151; 6.1-8gb.img.xz > /dev/sdb # sync Further documentation is required to do this from Windows. Well, you might look here: <a href=« http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/</a ...but, you will need to first institute an appositeness such as 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/), that can uncompress an .xz record -- and be modified, it will amplify to a 7.6GB record, so cajole sure the part has enough lay out! If you use a 16GB or bigger tour, no mind-boggler, you can use GParted (which is in Quirky) later to originate an accessory part to let in on the tour. Note, f2fs can not yet be resized. 7-Zip should be used to decompress the 8GB reification. (The PortableApps.com model is recommended) A well illustrated sway to using win32diskimager can be initiate here: <a href=" https://meego.com/devices/netbook/installing-meego-netbook/windows-instructions« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" https://meego.com/devices/netbook/installing-meego-netbook/windows-instructions</a Setup Press On: 1. Boot from the tough it out protrude to the Metro interface and then withdrawal it by important Alt+F4. 2. Access Setup/Quicksetup via the JWM menu and achieve the first-run settings as customary. 3. If Xorg wizard kicks in at any identify b say achieve it. 4. If you are using an LCD cajole visible, dispatch Fontwizard from the JWM/desktop menu, tick all boxes & then click on have bearing. Restart X. N/B By lapse the Cups rite is inoperative. Franchise it if and when you wish to publish. Shimmer & HTML5 players: Please note that shimmer 11- is already installed and that Chromium has HTML5 faculty. Many sites are in the development of changing over to HTML5 with its distinguished trait and some have already done so. YouTube is in alteration but you can by their old folks' stage and opt to fancy HTML5 over shimmer when possible. I presume that opting to do so sets a obdurate cookie. The tochis under consideration for is that you still need shimmer for both YouTube and YTinstant. By lapse shimmer is enabled. Ted.com already appears to have changed over and whilst it is o/k with Chrome it will not industry with Chromium if shimmer is enabled. In Chromium therefore I have set a bookmark to “about:plugins” so that you can easy as pie disable and then re-franchise shimmer to use that plot or any others that be established disputable. There is a tile for Ted.com on the metro interface and also a tile to access the shimmer plugin. Urgency F11 to toggle access to the bookmarks bar or use the tile. If you mean to dispatch TED.com disable shimmer first. Having done so, withdrawal the browser with Alt+F4, then re-dispatch it with the LH Windows key. You can then click on the TED tile to access their top-hole HTML5 videos. Tip: If you fail whether you have shimmer enabled or not just use the metro tile to by the Puppy forum old folks' stage. If the advert flag in the top right supervision corner is motionless rather than vigorous then shimmer is inoperative. Terminating Thoughts: This Pup is immovably in the “toy” kind but is irresponsibly in either trend and very buyer sisterly. Please check and peter out up any issues. The conventional desktop trend should content old greys such as myself but equally when switched to metro trend it should keep the grandchildren in seventh heaven. A brief slideshow follows: Urgency F11 then use your nautical port & right arrow keys to get going between slides – requires Chrome/Chromium/Firefox. <a href=" https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KI5ZhuzWuwq1Rc0madhimJXWkuQ4CHepo87dry4Knyc/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000#slide=id.p« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KI5ZhuzWuwq1Rc0madhimJXWkuQ4CHepo87dry4Knyc/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000#slide=id.p</a I will blanket dictatorial disc/SSD institute in a future affix.[/quote]