Microsoft Powerpoint v16.0.4201.1006 for Android (Unlocked)

Microsoft Powerpoint v16.0.4201.1006.apk Microsoft Powerpoint v16.0.4201.1006 (sdcard_Android_obb_).zip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Initiate: 1. Initiate «Microsoft Powerpoint v16.0.4201.1006.apk». 2. Unzip «Microsoft Powerpoint v16.0.4201.1006 (sdcard_Android_obb_).zip» into your «/sdcard/Android/obb/» folder. 3. Done! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's New — Parley, Eclipse, and PowerPoint are now available for Android phones:,, — Brace for cloud storage such as Google Get-Up-And-Go and Box About this overflow: The proper Microsoft PowerPoint app for Android phones and tablets. Microsoft PowerPoint for Android is made for calling on-the-go. PowerPoint has the frequent look, have the impression and standing of Place with an intuitive lay a hand face designed for Android phones and tablets. Whether you want to devise a appealing image from casual or just need to presume from and carry out short edits on-the-go, PowerPoint gives you the best productivity face you want. Calling with assurance shrewd that your presentations look best with Place and you won’t trifle away any formatting or charts as you excite across devices. You’ll have moderate access to your presentations in the cloud whenever you need them. The gratuitous PowerPoint app provides a substance face for viewing, creating and editing documents on devices with a separate square footage of 10.1 inches or smaller. You can unlock the chuck-full PowerPoint face with an Place 365 fee. By installing the app, you acquiesce in to these terms and conditions: PROPER MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Tell your fortunes with assurance. Microsoft PowerPoint combines the frequent look, have the impression and standing of Place with a lay a hand-first face designed for Android. — Place offers unequaled enter compatibility and layout fidelity. Presentations will look exactly how you intended on your Android phone and slab. No missing charts or images — The frequent pilotage and menu options in the ribbon help you get started at — The frequent features you know in PowerPoint — Images, charts, animations, transitions are all in the lay a hand-first apps to fink on yield you the best productivity face on your phone and slab — Jumpstart your creativity by using one of the appealing templates to get started on your image DO YOUR BEST CALLING – ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Tell your fortunes on-the-go with the lay a hand-first PowerPoint app. Devise, prospect and carry out edits on-the-go with moderate access your presentations in the cloud. — Tell your fortunes exactly the way you want whether in rendering or prospect — with lucre formatting, charts, animations, transitions and demagogue notes — Creating a important image is moderate – Auto-zoom makes it moderate to tip-in, excite, polish charts and textboxes with the lay a hand of your fingers, no keyboard or mouse required — PowerPoint gives you the compliancy to swop your image fortunes anytime — Access your modern files from any machinery so you can at pick up from where you left side off — Your presentations are a click away. Access your files whenever you need to, with OneDrive, One Get-Up-And-Go for Area, SharePoint, Google Get-Up-And-Go, Box, Dropbox brace. CALLING TOGETHER Appropriate your fortunes, image with others — Effortlessly appropriate your image with the cloud-connected PowerPoint app — Appropriate your documents with others by altogether emailing a hyperlink or adjunct — Add a peerless, specially bulletin to your PowerPoint image when you appropriate in email Requirements: — OS manifestation: KitKat (4.4.X) or above (Android M is not yet supported) — 1 GB RAM or above Volunteer in with a gratuitous Microsoft account to devise or polish docs on devices with a separate square footage of 10.1 inches or smaller. A qualifying Place 365 fee is required to unlock the chuck-full Place face. Place 365 is also required to devise or polish on tablets with a separate larger than 10.1 inches. See for a roster of qualifying plans. If you don’t have a fee, you can buy Place 365 Untroubled B In or Place 365 Exclusive within the app. With an Place 365 fee, you get the chuck-full Parley, Eclipse and PowerPoint face on Android slab, phone, iPad and iPhone, and you can initiate chuck-full Parley, Eclipse, PowerPoint, Position and OneNote on PCs or Macs