Microsoft Outdo v16.0.4201.1006 for Android (Unlocked)

Microsoft Outpace v16.0.4201.1006.apk Microsoft Outpace v16.0.4201.1006 (sdcard_Android_obb_).zip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Introduce: 1. Introduce «Microsoft Outpace v16.0.4201.1006.apk». 2. Unzip «Microsoft Outpace v16.0.4201.1006 (sdcard_Android_obb_).zip» into your «/sdcard/Android/obb/» folder. 3. Done! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's New — Parley, Outpace, and PowerPoint are now available for Android phones:,, — Encouragement for cloud storage such as Google Effort and Box About this stream: The actual Microsoft Outpace app for Android phones and tablets. Microsoft Outpace for Android is made for drudgery on-the-go. Lot and analyze your text with Outpace and prepare insights. Outpace has the relaxed look, stand and worth of Job with an intuitive adjoin ordeal designed for Android phones and tablets. Whether you want to devise a strong spreadsheet or just need to expectation and discern hasty edits on-the-go, Outpace gives you the best productivity ordeal you want. Drudgery with courage canny that your spreadsheets look best with Job and you won’t fritter any formatting or text as you stimulate across devices. You’ll have light access your spreadsheets in the cloud whenever you need them. The enfranchise Outpace app provides a heart ordeal for viewing, creating and editing documents on devices with a cover of 10.1 inches or smaller. You can unlock the fullest extent Outpace ordeal with an Job 365 promise. By installing the app, you accede to to these terms and conditions: ACTUAL MICROSOFT OUTPACE Get the best spreadsheet app on your Android phones and tablets with Microsoft Outpace. It combines the relaxed look, stand and worth of Job with a adjoin-first ordeal designed for Android. — Job offers unequaled record compatibility and layout fidelity. Spreadsheets will look exactly how you intended on your Android phone and capsule. No destruction of text — The relaxed sailing and menu options in the ribbon help you get started quick — The relaxed features you know in Outpace — formulas, tables, charts, Sparklines are included in the Outpace app DO YOUR BEST DRUDGERY – ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Lot and analyze your text with Outpace and prepare insights. Devise, expectation, discern edits on-the-go and comfortably access your spreadsheets in the cloud with the adjoin of your fingers. — Lot, analyze and visualize your text with encouragement for formulas, charts, tables, sorting, filtering and more. — Prepare insights on-the-go in Outpace. Add formulas, reorder columns and resize tables in Outpace with just the adjoin of your fingers — Your spreadsheets are a click away. Access your files whenever you need to, with OneDrive, One Effort for Company, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Effort, and Box encouragement. DRUDGERY TOGETHER Helping your text, breakdown and insights with others. — Comfortably helping your spreadsheets with the cloud-connected Outpace app — Helping your spreadsheets with others by just emailing a hyperlink or connection or sending a to order call. Requirements: — OS kind: KitKat (4.4.X) or above (Android M is not yet supported) — 1 GB RAM or above Put Under Contract in with a enfranchise Microsoft account to devise or assemble spreadsheets on devices with a cover of 10.1 inches or smaller. A qualifying Job 365 promise is required to unlock the fullest extent Job ordeal. Job 365 is also required to devise or assemble on tablets with a cover larger than 10.1 inches. See for a rota of qualifying plans. If you don’t have a promise, you can buy Job 365 Cosy or Job 365 Adverse within the app in most countries and regions