Red Mammoth Effects Set 11.1.9(Win x64)[by Robert]

[center][img][/img] Visual Effects and Going Graphics tools. Red Ogre Effects Retinue is a set of 9 tools that have served the visual effects community for years, delivering the resourceful discretion to make skilful effects. [color=red]What's New in Effects Retinue 11:[/color] [color=black]Hillock Vacuous Mill 3.0 3D Lens Flares for Going Graphics and VFX. — Created by Industrial Vacuous & Magics John Hillock — Over 100 fully customizable presets — After Effects camera-knowing flares can be linked to lights in 3D measure out Composite Wizard 1.4.6 Cleanup tools for keyed footage and more. — The simplest completion for your keying solutions — Upper-Class Boundary lead integrates your responsible for with your brouhaha — Bump Off unwanted artifacts, then use vacuous and color tools to use up your composite ToonIt 2.1 Disseminate video the look of a cartoon, funny enrol or painting. — Add move to odd images — Believable cartoon effects powered by Toonamation — More than 40 presets deliver the goods a succeed workflow easygoing as can be and sybaritically Holomatrix 1.2 Sci-fi holograms. Digital distortion. Bad Levee. Enhancement for UI and HUD Elements. — Recreate holographic looks for your footage, logos or going lifelike elements — Better the look of digital signs, , and heads-up displays — Turn Upside Down up your footage to copy bad levee Essence Vegetate 1.4 Camera tools, fractals, and distortion effects. — Disseminate your essence a greater hit — Filters replicate habitual elements like vivacity, smoke, and bear scrutiny — Add sane touches using shadows, displacement, and blur/focus effects Bend Out Of Shape 1.1 Shadows, reflections, glows, and corner pinning. — Corner-pinning is easygoing as can be with advanced After Effects integration — Lead standpoint, falloff and more for reflections and shadows — Now including 3 tools for corresponding exactly glows and glimmers Psunami 1.4 Photoreal 3D Bear Scrutiny Surfaces. — Develop 3D ray-traced bear scrutiny — Superlative camera lead above, at, or under the waters skin — Easygoing As Can Be vitality options to engender a off the target category of bear scrutiny environments Verse Anarchy 2.4 Automated vitality tools for verse and more. — Device verse in grids, lines, spirals or other paths — Vast typographic lead — Engender backgrounds and patterns with included Geomancy stopper-in PlaneSpace 1.4 Instantly organize and revitalize 3D layers in After Effects. — Engender cubes, cylinders, spheroids or complex matrices — No keyframes necessary — Unrestrained compute of layers [/color] [color=red]Structure Requirements:[/color] PC / Windows: — Windows 7 64-bit — Windows 8 64-bit — Windows 10 64-bit — Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD corresponding) — 1 GB of RAM — 30 MB of Compressed Travel measure out [img] — 1.gif[/img][/center]