xCode v6.0.1

About this course: Xcode provides everything developers need to sire pronounced applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Xcode brings owner interface scheme, coding, testing, and debugging all into a unified workflow. The Xcode IDE combined with the Cocoa and Cocoa Come Up frameworks, and the Brisk programming interaction hand over developing apps easier and more fun than ever before. Xcode includes the Xcode IDE, Brisk and Equitable-C compilers, Instruments breakdown appliance, iOS Simulator, the latest OS X and iOS SDKs, and hundreds of forceful features: Innovative tools help you sire pronounced apps • Brisk is a new programming interaction that is right, self-denial, and new-fashioned • Playgrounds are a fun give to experimentation with Brisk encrypt, displaying direct results • Interface Builder is a graphical UI scheme canvas with a active advance showing of your app • Take In debugging shows a 3D deposit of all your app's UI take in layers at runtime • Partner editors demonstration theme coupled to your advise chore • Active Issues launch out errors as you category, and Fix-it can reprimand the mistakes for you Brisk is an all new programming interaction for Cocoa and Cocoa Come Up • Right by scheme, Brisk syntax and features prohibit express categories of bugs • Self-Denial encrypt completion and anthologize chance are powered by the proven LLVM compiler • New-Fashioned interaction features are inspired by unrivalled enquiry, including: — Closures unified with purpose pointers — Tuples and multiple home-coming reciprocity values — Structs as value types that strengthen methods, extensions, protocols — Essential programming patterns including map and screen Interface Builder makes it leisurely to scheme your interface without encrypt • Storyboards let you orchestrate the unmixed course of within your app • See your fashion controls rendered active within the scheme canvas • Advance Showing your interface in different curtain sizes, orientations, or languages • Sire connections from your GUI scheme instantly to the coupled commencement encrypt Mavin rewrite man and debugger keep your encrypt fa and center • Hit a few keys and Set Up Rapidly will instantly set up any fill in within your contract • Report bubbles demonstration errors, warnings, and other issues right beside your encrypt • Facts tips demonstration a variable's value by hovering your mouse over the encrypt • Swift Look variables while debugging to see the existent color, bezier track, personification, and more Apple LLVM technology finds and fixes bugs for you • Analyzer travels countless encrypt paths looking for well-reasoned errors before they become bugs • Active Issues underlines coding mistakes as you category with no need to increase first • Fix-it can confidently reprimand mistakes for you with just a keystroke Try Out driven circumstance is built right in • Use the Try Out Seaman to add, redact, or run tests with just a click • Try Out Partner makes it leisurely to redact your encrypt and coupled tests, side-by-side • Sire unceasing integration bots using OS X Server to automatically increase and try out your apps • Track discharge try out facts using OS X Server to tout de suite taint regressions Instruments makes discharge breakdown splendid • Rival CPU, disk, remembrance, and OpenGL discharge as graphical tracks over chance • Label discharge bottlenecks, then plunge knowing into the encrypt to uncover the cause • Track your app instantly, or representation the express procedure, with very little disbursements To try out or deploy applications on an iOS trick you must be a associate of Apple's iOS Developer Program. To submit your Mac or iOS apps to the App Collect you must be a associate of the Mac or iOS Developer Program. Unceasing integration features lack a adaptation of OS X Server. Some features may lack Internet access
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