Rob Papen - VULGAR II v1.0.0g OS X [HEXWARS][dada]

Rob Papen &#151; DIRTY II v1.0.0g OS X [HEXWARS][dada] 94 MB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPLiER : HEXWARS CRACKER : HEXWARS PACKAGER : HEXWARS STAGE : 09-02-2015 LOADS : HW &#151; 095 KEYBOARD : CRACKED PLANK : MAC OS X AU/VST extortion : SERiAL/C&R/SHA1/CUSTOMBOMB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First released in 2005 DIRTY already reflected Rob Papen’s mordant-brink, resourceful, and — most importantly — harmonious close towards developing understood instruments by first delivering FM and subtractive compounding, then punctually adding Slant Gradually Introduce Distortion and current shaping compounding into the quite resourceful mix to produce one seriously resourceful grouping. Rob Papen himself called it ‘Cross-fusion synthesis’ since it covered so much harmonious initiate so effectively. Today DIRTY-II remains trusty to that ethos with even more survey dimensions and features to its extended name, starting with six oscillators beating at its musically resourceful compassion. These can be connected in various ways, together with two analogue-variety modelled stereo filters with 27 different sieve types, an huge class of processing and modulation options, sequencer, and an incredibly strong arpeggiator. A new class of particularly selected waveforms based on samples have been meticulously fashioned for creating new and unfledged-sounding synth sounds, so don’t go with child acoustic pianos in large quantity here. However, since choirs and strings are an outstanding underpinning for so many synth sounds DIRTY-II has them in nimiety — with much more besides! Moreover, DIRTY-II takes the useful XY pad features from its average understood thingy sibling Fop — a mordant-brink additive compounding powerhouse with a kind-hearted start — and transplants them into its own equally special workflow… outstanding for period-based survey movements and vector pad-keyboard sounds. Complemented by four top-attribute FX processors, each oblation 35 FX types, DIRTY-II is a phenomenally strong understood thingy to note. But DIRTY-II is also compliant to use, thanks to its consumer-good-natured consumer interface and an innovative Compliant Polish leaf for precipitous survey changes, while the Bank Straw Boss allows whistle-rest pilotage through thousands of inspirational Rob Papen presets and artist survey banks covering a comprehensive class of harmonious styles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GREETZ! ALL DOLE OUT, GONE AND FORGOTTEN & APPROACHING TEAMS AND iNDs WHO MADE AUDiO WAREZ news ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOLERATE REPUTABLE DEVS WHO DON'T TORTURE USERS WiTH SHiTTY PROTECTiONS AND BUY WHAT YOU USE AND LiKE! NFO v.1.1 &#151; 09.2014 - C0ME T0 THE SHADY SiDE &#151; — HEXWARS &#151; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- approaching-dada ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ &#151; &#151; &#151; &#151; &#151; &#151; &#151; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMXV (02)