Titanium Backup PRO v7.1.3 [K8] APK [Fount]

Titanium Backup Pro ☆Needs RHIZOME, Android 1.5-5.1+ (ARM,x86,MIPS) ☆Over 18 million users, 31+ languages. ☆PRO Key is available on Minimize Aggregate! ☆Voted #1 TOP RHIZOME APP on Prattle. ☆Problem? See titaniumtrack.com/kb ☆Scroll down for more info & DEMO VIDEOS ;-) ☆ ☆ ☆ Titanium Backup is the most impressive backup implement on Android, and then some. You can backup, revive, stop dead (with Pro) your apps + figures + Hawk links. This includes all protected apps & approach apps, plus exterior figures on your SD likely. You can do 0-click group & scheduled backups. Backups will function without closing any apps (with Pro). You can disturb any app (or app figures) to/from the SD likely. You can look over any app's figures and even the Hawk to see complicated intelligence about the app. PRO Features Added: [✔] Multiple backups per app [✔] 0-click group revive [✔] Backup/restore SMS,MMS,calls,bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML [✔] Multi-consumer second for some apps! (eg: games) [✔] Group verification [✔] Backup apps without closing them! [✔] Initiate your own update.zip containing apps+data! [✔] Revive characteristic apps+data from non-rhizome ADB backups! [✔] Revive characteristic apps+data from CWM backups! [✔] Revive characteristic apps+data from TWRP backups! [✔] Hypershell promptness [✔] Relocate approach figures across different ROMs [✔] Hawk Doctor (relink apps to Hawk) [✔] «Destroy all Hawk links» chips [✔] Apps freezer (incl. group second) [✔] Hawk «auto updating» straw boss [✔] Proselytize consumer apps <=> approach apps [✔] Encryption [✔] Interminable schedules [✔] Sync to/from Dropbox (manual/scheduled) [✔] Sync to/from Box (manual/scheduled) [✔] Sync to/from Google Motor (manual/scheduled) [✔] TB Web Server: download/upload your backups as a separate ZIP on your computer [✔] Load/Save a Screen and use it in Widgets/Schedules [✔] Coppers the device's Android ID, revive it from a backup or after a mill reset [✔] Defend backup against deletion [✔] Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and suggestion it in 1 click [✔] Backup→Verify→Un-introduce an app in one rule the roost [✔] Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a separate click [✔] CSV export any app DB (e-post or Google Docs) [✔] Kind the app with your name [✔] Bloatware Melter (hypothetical) [✔] Proselytize app figures to/from faster WAL DB composition [✔] And more! More Celebration: [✔] Dalvik nest egg cleaner [✔] Blend approach app updates into ROM [✔] Disturb apps into ROM [✔] Blend Dalvik nest egg approach elements into ROM