Flimsy Slacko Released 03-Apr — 2014 by rufwoof info http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=766808#766808 UPDATE (April 2014) : Later revised ISO (V2.04) 92.9MB ISO Changes in revised print run : Wallpaper — whilst whilom was posted as being «free» I couldn«t clench such and a bit iffy whether that»s right or not, so changed to be sure. Made windows mysterious, so filled in whilst active rather than rectangular box (making them mysterious seems to let mplayer run better whilst moving/resizing). Removed array of gauge coordinates whilst active windows. More famous startup, shutdown and chiefly sounds Moved conduct icons to be shed weight higher up — because in olden days when tray was set to tallest the conduct titles were not totally esoteric. JWM and GTK themes changed to be more aligned with each other. Tray set to max dimension and added xvkbd, magnifier and computer to the tray (by defect its a UK keyboard layout, and has to be manually configured at pourboire for other layouts (a spartan theme of overwriting the XVkbd fill in in /etc/X11/apps_with that of the Xvkbd-power fill in for whatever power keyboard is desired)). Extended download directory to also subsume a classify of SFS«s and PET»s, such as Skype, TeamView, Audacity, Blender, OpenShot, xvidcap, Essential Ring, Wine, Samba, JRE, GIMP, Geany, Beam, NVIDIA driver, Messa, Libre Intercession, Heart Sources and DevX — for the intentionally of assisting those who might like to use it as a more unspecialized distro (rather than just as a online banking epitome distro). Tactless to GUI on both the Radeon and Nvidia PC's that I have access to. (remastering using a nvidia PC seems to help to reduce/avoid blackscreen boots). With a relatively diet internet fasten together, with just a box DVD and Windows, I had a ISO downloaded and burnt (using the windows DVD burner that«s included in the ISO (I used 7-Zip to cull the burner from the ISO)) within around 5 minutes. 5 minutes later I»d booted to the desktop, downloaded latest firefox, visited my download web paginate and downloaded OpenShot and was editing a video). ROX has been changed to use ambiguous-clicks (right click on clear devoid of ROX place, tiptop options and silver settings in Filer-Window and Pinboard to use lone clicks as you be partial to). ISO includes a windows ISO burner program for the convenience of those who might otherwise toil. Get (download) and run calligraphy in the internal directory can be ambiguous clicked in which box you have to stay (no prompts yet) for it to finalize (download 30MB of Firefox) and manner the firefox sub directory, etc. From ram boot using puppy pfix=ram,nocopy at the primary desktop I«m seeing 220MB RAM used. With gui, firewall, percipient set up, firefox and beam SFS»s overwhelmed, watching a SneekyLinux YouTube RAM custom rises to around 550MB