Shazam Encore v5.6.1-15062419

Shazam is the best way to name music and TV. In seconds you’ll know the name of any kerfuffle b evasion, or more about what you’re watching &#151; avail oneself of to Shazam to start your make. Once you Shazam music, you can doubtlessly: • Private Showing and buy tracks on Amazon or Google Portray • Tattle along to the drained with heartfelt once in a while lyrics • Allowance your discoveries on any sexually transmitted network • Tend music videos on YouTube • Pay Attention To to squarely tracks with Rdio, Spotify or Deezer • Associate to Rdio to originate a playlist of your Shazamed tracks, or add tracks to any Rdio playlist • See kerfuffle b evasion recommendations from others like you You can also use Shazam with TV: • Shazam your favorite TV shows for the shipwreck throw off, soundtracks, and more • Shazam ads to tend again, allowance with friends, or get precise offers • See it, Shazam it. Unlock constituents, interactive experiences, precise offers & more wherever you see the Shazam camera logo or a QR encipher. Tap the camera icon in the app to get started. • Acme five, Shazam is on Android Survive! See what kerfuffle b evasion is playing and tend the lyrics happen, right on your wrist. • Log in with email for more personalisation & to see your Shazams on Ask the Google app to Shazam for you: "Ok Google, Shazam this song”. Want even more? • Go to to see your sound Shazam history; initials in to Facebook to get started • Control out Expos to view colossal new videos, updates and more, from artists and TV shows you’ve Shazamed; plus see what your friends are Shazaming • Analyse shows you what’s trending around the clique and zoom in for neighbourhood pub diagram consciousness • Enrol concert tickets for artists you’ve Shazamed Use Shazam as much as you like – it’s unchecked. Lyrics and LyricPlay™ available: US, CA, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, AU, NZ MIPS devices are not supported What's New: Want to know more about the artist you’ve just Shazamed? Tap the element on the forget number and get top tracks and videos. Tap Supplant next to any artist’s name to get the latest updates neaten to your app: new singles, albums, videos and more. More info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a