Hydro the sauce mollify 1.2.5

Hydro app reminds you to liquor ring false and helps you discourage hydrated every day. Ring False consumption abacus suggests you a ideal to reach each day and customized particular hydration method reminds you never to overlook to liquor. The drinking past graphs gives you an overview of your habitually and monthly drinking habits. Because of its features Hydro is probably the most ahead of time and customizable app of this well-disposed on the deal in. Confirmation it by yourself ! App features subsume: • Ring False consumption abacus – calculates/suggests to you a ideal to reach each day • Reminders — will jog the memory that you need to liquor ring false • Exalted (oz) or Metric (ml) units • Graphs (habitually and monthly) • Statistics • Logs • Customized cups/drinkwares • Multilanguage (Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Portugues, ??, ???) Reasons to Liquor Ring False • Ring False helps to declare well confederation tonnage by increasing metabolism and govern calories. • Ring False moisturizes integument to transfer it a well, complimentary form. • Drinking ring false helps declare the match of confederation fluids. • Ring False can check headaches. • Ring False helps your kidneys. • One of the most unexceptional symptoms of dehydration is tiredness. Ring False leads to increased force levels. • Seasonal intake of fluids can expand your effectiveness and pizazz and you could be on your way to a healthier, leaner confederation. Ichor wasting varies from woman to woman so Hydro app ring false consumption abacus should be used only as a manage. Current Changes 1.2.5 Diminutive bug fixes 1.2.3 Diminutive bug fixes 1.2.2 Diminutive bug fixes (for tablets users) 1.2.1 Diminutive bug fixes 1.2.0 New Alcohol Interface Quick evolution bar (can be trade off/on in settings) Snooze for reminders Weekly graph Swipe features Diminutive bug fixes (for notifications and alarms)