Things 2.5.2 [Mac Os X] [Coque599]

Updated: Jan 14, 2015 Manifestation: 2.5.2 Hugeness: 13.9 MB About this outpouring: Things is a fascinating and effortlessly to use major effort administrator. It's the practised buddy for everything you want to reach in memoirs, contribution a serious remainder between smooth of use and tough features. **************************************** UPDATED for OS X Yosemite with a refreshed contrive, and all-new features including a Today Widget for Notification Center, Handoff stick for seamless evolution between Mac, iPhone & iPad, and a new “Add to Things” wing for creating to-dos from other apps. **************************************** «Things is a fast standout thanks to a serious set of features and an interface that makes it a elevated fit for nearly any on of major effort handling: It«s plain enough to use for the most-key to-do lists ... but it»s tough enough to pat a highest blown GTD workflow... Things offers a unsurpassed cartel of smooth of use, a serious interface, and compliance that sets it apart from other to-do managers I've used.» – Dan Frakes, Macworld, 4½ stars AWARDS • Apple Contrive Bestow — Champ • Macworld Best of Escort Bestow — Champ • Macworld Editor's «Eddy» Bestow — Champ • Featured by Apple as Editors’ in more than 150 countries • Featured by Apple in «Best of 2012» • Featured by Apple in the App Bank «Hall of Fame» • Featured by Apple in «New Year, New You» • Featured by Apple in «Get Matter Done — Apps for Rewarding People» • Featured by Apple in «Better Together — Apps to Bind Mac, iPhone & iPad» FEATURES When you start using Things, you«ll be surprised how effortlessly it is to stab into and pat your tasks. And with Things» pulchritudinous interface, major effort handling becomes a bliss. But all of this doesn't come at the expense of power – everything you wish for in a major effort administrator, Things has you covered. • Today: Go-Ahead Up One«s Mind which tasks you want to do today and put them into your Today directory. Throughout the day, come defeat to this directory to at items off. Things will automatically escort you due and scheduled items there once their lover arrives -- so you won»t mademoiselle anything portentous. • Pinpoint: See what you need to do Today, what«s coming up Next, and what»s Scheduled for later. Put tasks in Someday if you can't travail on them right now, you can always come defeat to them later. • Keep organized: Travail, M, Pastime — with Things, everything has its dwelling. Projects and Areas of Job let you tutor complex tasks and reinforcement on top of your responsibilities in memoirs and travail. • Use Tags to choose contexts, priorities, at the same time – whatever fits your bosom workflow. Without Delay strainer a directory to see those tasks which are most apt now. • Out of your inhibit, into Things: Stab Into new ideas the flash they hit you. Things' Spry Access window lets you add new tasks without interrupting your travail. And thanks to the fabulous Autofill be, the Spry Access window can be automatically pre-filled with the currently selected motif, along with a tie to the email you are reading, the webpage you are currently viewing, or the chronicle you are editing (works with most applications). • And much more: Imagine repeating tasks, add due dates, slate tasks for a later lover, weight Reminders, scrutiny completed tasks in the Logbook, etc. THINGS CLOUD Your to-dos, on all your devices. Things Cloud stores your to-dos and updates them without delay & effortlessly across your Macs, iPhone, iPod lay a hand, and iPad (iOS apps sold personally). And best of all, Things Cloud is independent! «Of course, everyone has associated with needs and preferences that will keep away from them toward a particular to-do-directory program or another. But Things’ cartel of smooth of use, serious interface, and compliance go-ahead it as airless to the utopian Mac to-do app as we’ve seen.» — Macworld Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later Source And Dig If you like my travail opt it elevated