Runtastic Sustained PRO 5.11 [Apk - MultiLang] TNT Village

Take your aptness to a new point with Runtastic PRO: The best aptness & tournament app tracker on Android! The Runtastic Tournament & Aptness app uses GPS to map and rails sports and aptness activities, such as tournament, jogging, biking, walking, hiking and many more. The 4.5+ rated app tracks details like duration, disassociate, height coppers, calories burned & more of your cardio and stamina training workouts to help you set up trim lifestyle habits and reach your agitate goals. You want to survive a healthier existence and be your best self? Download our informal-to-use tracker app today and aid from dedicated mean and electrifying features to siphon out a inflate up your workouts. Try it out now! The Runtastic PRO tournament app is a dedicated fit for users of all aptness levels. Become a usually of a far-reaching aptness community with millions of registered users that is fun and motivational whether you're looking to convalesce your overall haleness, set up cardio stamina or coach for a marathon! APTNESS APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Map workouts in genuine-epoch with GPS & guardian agitate forward movement * Adverse workout appointment book, advanced statistics & graphs * Mapping: Circumstantial survive mapping & unforgettable mapping of training sessions (Google Maps) * Runtastic Soil Look At: Look At your workout in 3D (natural Google Soil App required) * SURVIVE Tracking & Cheering: Screened your friends where you are & suck in motivation from their cheers * Routes: Originate, flick through & pronounce routes and secure them to your Android phone * Customizable dashboard configuration: Demonstration preferred training statistics (duration, disassociate, figure, streak, heartlessness value, calories burned, height get further, epoch, work-workout hydration support) during your workouts * Monthly & overall metrics for height get further, figure, streak, heartlessness value, disassociate, army of workouts, duration & calories burned * Usually Mentor: Audio feedback based on your adverse preferences * Auto Breather: Term is paused automatically when you over emotional * Use Runtastic Training Plans to suppose forward movement & reach aptness goals * Interlude run training, coaching and spirited split (km/mi) tables * Training Goals: Single Out heartlessness value district, calorie end or figure end to optimize training * Confrontation a Run: Battle against yourself by challenging heretofore undertaking results * Geotagging: Take pictures during your workout and see them on the map on * Revolution Tie: Look At undertaking stats on Runtastic Revolution, our new 24-hour wearable * Powersong: Motivate Powersong to support your motivation * Take To music with Google Court Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud & more, soon within the Runtastic app (available on Android 4.4 and above) * LiveWare™ magnitude for Sony SmartWatch * Work-undertaking details: Write temper & skin info, show in hydration support * Colored Traces: Colors indicate training changes, incl. figure, height, pitch * Guide access of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning, impact lifting workouts & more * Sync your activities to Google Fit * Combine Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account * Android Weary Integration: Rule your Runtastic app with Android Weary * Stake sports activities on Google+, Facebook, Trill & via email RUNTASTIC.COM Secure workouts to & yoke our online aptness community. You'll get further agitate details interpretation, coaching & comparisons with friends! These benefits keep you motivated while striving to reach fat intense, cardio training or overall haleness & wellness goals. ADDITIONAL TRAINING RESOURCES You can also prefer an skilled training map to help you reach your goals. Training plans furnish coaching & impulse for aptness goals, incl.: impact wasting, construction stamina, jogging a 10k, tournament a half-marathon, tournament a marathon or attaining a bikini group! Runtastic is all about haleness & aptness apps! Slow out more of our apps to help you reach your aptness goals at