Runtastic Pro 5.0.6

Take your salubrity to a new invariable with Runtastic PRO — the best on-going, salubrity & tracking app! Runtastic PRO uses GPS to map & scent your sports and salubrity activities, such as: on-going, jogging, biking or walking. The Runtastic PRO app tracks your cardio workout get well (in the good old days b simultaneously, detach, enhancement variation, help, calories & more) to help you reach your training goals. Throw One«s Lot In With us and become region of a universal salubrity community that is fun & motivational, whether you»re looking to rehabilitate your form, shape up your cardio tenacity, or set for a marathon! Runtastic PRO is a countless fit for users of all salubrity levels. PRO FEATURES: — Chance feedback during workout: Get audio feedback for each mi or km completed — CONCLUDE tracking: Indicate friends where you are, what you've adept — Cheering: Conclude cheers & messages from friends = motivation to run further — Heartlessness in any event sphere training & critique: Pick Out a heartlessness in any event sphere to optimize training (i.e. fat scorching sphere) — Split provisions with potent mile and km splits — Calorie end: Set a determined calorie end and use chance feedback to reach your workout end — Traverse end: Spell Out your favorite traverse and fit training accordingly — Geotagging: Take pictures during application & observe photos online with your map touch — Sickly, temp. & sunrise/sunset observations to promote with scheduling & critique of training sessions — Ad undo FEATURES: — Map your workout in material-in the good old days b simultaneously with built-in GPS and record your workout get well (in the good old days b simultaneously, detach, help, traverse, calories, altitude, etc.) — Intimate workout date-book and metrics — Mapping: Itemized conclude mapping and celebrated mapping of foregoing training sessions (Google Maps) — Dashboard configuration: preferred training statistics — Graphs: Get charts with altitude, traverse, help, and heartlessness in any event info from your jog / run — Discharge critique with lap times — From your cardio workouts with the integrated music competitor — Conscientious deliberation of enhancement gain ground and diminution — Guide entr of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning, and lifting workouts — Monthly and overall metrics for detach, many of workouts, duration, and calories — Piece your sports activities on Google+, Facebook, and Tizzy Put By workouts to and throw one«s lot in with our online salubrity community. You»ll get further application observations critique, coaching and comparisons with friends! All these benefits can help you sojourn motivated while striving to reach your fat scorching, cardio training and overall form & wellness goals
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