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For more info go : appzdam.net New Software Watts-up Plus Android Interpretation look and anti-bin with mask rank. As you know, the preceding interpretation of the software-plus-up by Watts Watts-up was blocked. Watts’s interpretation that introduced a new series of Android-up is where the puzzle Ben the account has been resolved, then you can use Plus features. Whatsapp + PLus fashionable Whatsapp Errand-Boy Practised Copy is that it has more functionality than the accepted interpretation and also no restrictions Features : No puzzle son of (anti-bin) Gifts to send files without limitations (rational versions are restricted to send up to 16 MB) Qalblyt become the font, become colors, become the font dimension, and so on. The chief visage picture standing (Stoke interpretation of this standing is reduced) Send music with a choose click Has a spelled out keynote and download To mask their up from others No advertising The new manipulation materials Send photos and videos without compression What's new : *New Mod WA Plus v7.00, Horses Interpretation 2.5 by webrom *Group Bar *Preview without download *copy more than one communiqu without beau *Privacy of atnafas hoak ( Thanks to him) ( omar) *You will accept update notification and u can update normally (Thanks Ali) *Original Emojis *More Soundly and leave bare app *New Data Manipulation, icons and other things *Other improvements and bug fixes Notes : 1) Direct Whatsapp & Go to Settings → Settings → Backup Gossip Conversations 2) Uninstall WHATSAPP 3) Download & Instal Given WhatsApp + ‘s apk 4) Direct it → Click Concur & MAINTAIN → Inscribe your total 5) If you have backed up your gossip Earlier then there should be PUT BUTTON , Gentlemen Of The Press it (If you get communiqu like ” Your app is unauthorized Download from horseplay set aside “then Uninstall in circulation WhatsApp + → instal indigenous Whatsapp from horseplay set aside → do verification function → Gossip with 1-2 themselves → backup chats → uninstall Indigenous whatsapp → instal given WhatsApp + You will definitely get PUT button) 6) Gentlemen Of The Press Maintain after it Finishes 7) Congratulations You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp +