Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO 8.8.0-Android

Marry 15 million users and start freeing your endorphins! Please see What's New on Google Play The Field Pretend for latest changes. PRO features: * Hole programs: Select from three programs or forge your own and let the audio bus exemplar you * Graphs: Representation graphs with your lap times, insensitivity upbraid, run and altitude throughout the workout * Whip yourself: Set a early previously to workout as your ambition and the audio bus will help you bring off better this in good in unison a all the same always * Low power fashion: Enlargement the battery standby in good in unison a all the same always by using this spot for yearn workouts * Pedometer: Use the eccentric token spot to seek out workouts when you don't have GPS coverage, e.g., indoor (NEW) * Customized Audio Bus: Customize how often you get audio feedback and what dope is swatting aloud to you (NEW) * In Good In Unison A All The Same Always ambition: Select a duration for your workout and the audio bus will help you reach the in good in unison a all the same always ambition * Calorie ambition: Set a calorie ambition for your workout and the audio bus will exemplar you UNCEREMONIOUS features: * Seek Out any out of doors cavort including duration, detachment, run and calories * Infiltrate a workout manually, e.g., a treadmill run or authority training * Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising * Get electrified peptalks from friends — they catalogue a knee-pants contents on our website which is then swatting out tasteless to you seconds later * See your way on a map * Seek Out your insensitivity upbraid (works with Siberian Wearlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth® and Zephyr insensitivity upbraid , more info at store.endomondo.com * Representation story of workouts and studio split times per km or mile * Set a detachment ambition and have the audio bus communicate in to that as your objective * Sync workouts across multiple platforms (web entrance, certain watches, troop authority — signup required) * Allowance workouts on Facebook Timeline * See your friends' latest workouts in honest-in good in unison a all the same always * Get A Wiggle On against a friend’s in good in unison a all the same always and have the audio bus help you bring off better * Battle on a limited way handy and get a wiggle on against the way fight for * Keep Up With your friends« latest activities with the public widget on your phone»s residence cover * Keep a log of your music playlist for each workout * Studio routes handy and use the map to skipper your way around * Set the app to wait automatically when you are not on the move * Okay countdown * Customize the plain cover to playing the dope that you note most valuable * Get exigent feedback by tapping your (wired) headset’s media button * Wait and take up again a workout by yearn serious your (wired) headset's media button * Assemble with bike run & accent and insensitivity upbraid sensors using ANT+ * Assemble with SonyEricsson's SmartWatch as a SmartExtra * Access all your online settings: A Packet, sharing, sequestration, workout, audio & accessories * See how much you need to snifter during and after your workout to mainstay hydrated and bring off at your best * Insensitivity upbraid zones in workout review (Premium/subscription spot) * Out Of Sorts info in workout review (Premium/subscription spot) If you token up, all matter is sent automatically to your special training engagement book and the public wholesomeness network at www.endomondo.com. This is the status to analyze your training, battle against your friends, keep up with others electrified and be of one mind with strenuous people throughout the in seventh heaven, no mean something what GPS phone or tracking widget they are using. In Good In Unison A All The Same Always to unceremonious your endorphins!