What's New VXLAN gateway: vShield Virulence functions as a VXLAN gateway mapping VXLAN wise networks to household VLAN networks. Multi-interface foundation: Allows for multiple internal and extrinsic interfaces on a choose vShield Virulence practical technique. Supportive IP Pools: Allows for non contiguous IP sketch obligation to a vShield Virulence interface useful for extending IP namespaces. Weight Balancing enhancements: vShield Virulence supports HTTPS and TCP weight balancing along with improved form check out options. DNS Relay: vShield Virulence can be configured to act as a forwarding DNS server providing DNS name staunchness of extrinsic sphere names for applications. The requests of the patient operation are forwarded anon to the ISP«s DNS server and bury the feedback from ISP»s DNS. SSL VPN-Plus: Detached users can access special corporate applications using this article. vShield Virulence Strong Availability: You can think up two vShield Virulence practical machines in sprightly-unassertive configuration allowing stateful failover to get mark of cadency position rebound and augmentation professional care availability. New vShield Virulence CLI Commands: Allows for configuration, article and technique poop, logging, and troubleshooting. SSH CLI and R Based Access are also supported. vShield Virulence available at different playing levels: Firm and Thickset sizes allow you to prefer the playing position. Enhanced vShield Virulence Logging: Offers easier troubleshooting. Machinery offloads: vShield Virulence can take gain of machinery acceleration on Intel Westmere chips to offload AES cryptographic processing. Professional Care Insertion framework: Offers the gifts to wrapround network services (such as WAN optimization, operation confinement, advanced weight balancing, etc) and network confidence services (such as advanced firewalling, intrusion impedance, etc.) from any vendor into a virtualized mise en scene. New vShield App and vShield Virulence firewall UI: Simplified UI offers easier command manipulation. New firewall command tabulation approach. Gifts to add multiple objects as provenance and goal, thus reducing the overall numbler of rules you need to think up. Pre populated objects from vCenter containers and Stratum 1 Operation professional care groups for docile command birth. Command managing simplified through icon driven wizards for adding and editing rules, new reordering options, way out to selectively allow rules etc. Easier reason manipulation with new ways to bring, search and hand-pick objects for rules. Actionable cover monitoring and graphical acuity to see trade patterns.