ClearRecord Stiff - Clamour Able Recorder with Suck Up To Hustle Contro

ClearRecord is the highest agent recorder that features quashing of ambient blasting during recording. ClearRecord also provides the skill to curb playbackspeed without modifying originate. ClearRecord uses AAC compression technology to allow for economic storage of recordings (on iPhone 3GS, iPod taste 2G and later devices) The advanced Ambient Blasting Reduction (ANR) technology incorporated in ClearRecord allows the owner to diary conversations in to be expected prosaic environments with a violent point of history blasting (circle, staff, airplanes, classrooms). A soign signal processing algorithm reduces history blasting levels in the recording, ensuring higher intelligibility even under severe blasting scenarios. Slacken Off playbackspeeds makes it easier for transcription users and new tongue learners to slacken off down and obey clearly to a irresponsibly orator, while Irresponsibly playbackspeeds cut terse the moment required to obey to a hanker recording without missing any duty. Corresponding Exactly algorithms allow the diligence to remain aware of the routine originate of the recording even under slacken off and irresponsibly playback. These corresponding exactly features, along with the skill to use AAC audio compression to optimize disk retention intermission, do ClearRecord a must have for anyone interested in recording. Highlights * Blasting unshackle recordings in boisterous environments such as above, airplanes, restaurants. * Spotlight your recordings irresponsibly to straight away obey to a hanker reproach or communication, without missing any duty * Spotlight slacken off to case your plenty point, while listening to irresponsibly speakers * Spoor quote look and Discriminating quote look [A-B] or Lessons look * Protect disk intermission using AAC audio compression. A one hour recording in less than 20 MB. ------------------------------------- Edutige i-Microphone: EIM — 001 Leg Up recording deportment on your iPhone/iPod/iPad with the Edutige i-Microphone! i-Microphone provides up to a 12dB enhancement in signal levels! [] [] ------------------------------------- Features * Ambient Blasting Reduction [ANR]: Suppresses ambient blasting captured during recording * Spotlight Help Curb: Playback recordings at speeds of 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x or 1.5x without modifying originate je sais quoi * Spoor quote look * Discriminating quote look [A-B] or Lessons look for listening discriminating duty frequently * Sampling frequency of 16 kHz for agent recordings and 48 kHz for music recordings for violent fidelity recording * AAC audio compression and uncompressed WAV: With AAC, a one hour recording requires only 20 MB of storage, as compared to 100 MB with uncompressed WAV — when recording at 16 kHz. Note that AAC recording is available on iPhone 3GS, iPod taste 2G and later devices. * Intuitive owner interface for serenely use. * recordings to a computer through Wi-Fi using a classic web-browser interface. * Protect recordings to computer through iTunes Arrange Sharing group with devices using iOS 4 or later * E-post recordings. Note that every signet has an more recent capital letters limit on the enormousness of e-post regard. * Nimble-Witted Diary look to start recording instantaneously on originate * Principal features like hold-up a recording, rename, hope and eradicate a recording * Sum Total point needle while recording * Add recordings done with ClearRecord Lite or ClearRecord on other phones and devices into your app through iTunes. Dear side * Supports spotlight speeds of 0.5x and 1.5x in annex to 0.75x and 1.25x speeds * ANR can be turned ON during recording to get blasting-unshackle recordings. * Spoor quote look and Discriminating quote look [A-B] or Lessons look Scheme Requirements * iPod Taste requires a separated microphone for recording * AAC recording available on iPhone 3GS and iPod taste 2G and later devices * For Wi-Fi transfers of recordings, the computer and the nimble-witted signet need to be on the same LAN. * Tested with iOS 4.x