Cosimir Robotic Programming.rar (Lazy_Khan)

nstallation ============ Setup ===== 1. Use the «SETUP» program from the CD to introduce COSIMIR Eye-Opening. 2. To deinstall COSIMIR use the «Control Panel» applet «Add/Remove Programs» under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 2000. First Steps =========== When starting this EYE-OPENING style a help sheet is opened, which gives an profile of the workcell models loadable with this EYE-OPENING style. From this sheet the models can be in the chips by clicking on the show or the folder connotative of. If you closed this help sheet page, you can reopen it any pass again by using the menu mention «Help / Workcells of COSIMIR Educational». See the substantial «Special Note» on this starting sheet to buy and sell the download dialog as well as problems if having NULLSOFT WinAmp installed. During investiture a interdependence couple to the COSIMIR online help is created in the start/programs menu. Use this to get further report on working with COSIMIR. Presentation under Windows 95/98 ============================= 1. COSIMIR runs on Windows 95/98 and uses OpenGL. The required DLLs will be installed by the Setup program. 2. To get top show haste in the workcell windows take anguish of the following hints: 2.1 Dodge Tainted-color (32768 or 65536 colors) show modes. The preferred color intricacy is 256 colors; even DEVOTED color (24 bit or 32 bit) is faster than Tainted-color. 2.2 The larger the workcell windows, the slower the presentation haste. 2.3 In a eleemosynary workcell window the presentation haste can be significantly reduced by a filled disconcert. Presentation under Windows NT/ Windows 2000 ======================================== 1. COSIMIR is using OpenGL, that is responsibility of Windows NT, on Windows NT, too. This OpenGL implementation uses the 3D acceleration capabilities of quite a lot graphics boards like the — Elsa Erazor, all versions — Elsa Gloria, Elsa Champ 2000/Office — Diamond FireGL 1000 (pro), 2000, 3000, 4000 Problems with Presentation of Workcell Windows =========================================== The 32 bit versions of COSIMIR enrol OpenGL for graphical show of workcells. The OpenGL implementations delivered with some operating systems (Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 Work Crowd 2 or higher) are flawed and will not toil correctly with COSIMIR. In this casket the workcells will be rendered with misuse or very dim colors. This error will not be self-explanatory, if graphics boards with an ICD OpenGL driver (e.g. Diamond FireGL 1000pro, ELSA Gloria, ELSA Champ 2000/Office) are used. The update «InstallOpenGlAndCTL3D.exe» will supersede the OpenGL-DLL in the windows procedure directory by a new one from Microsoft. This replacement does not toil on Windows 2000. Diverse ============= 1. You can not select or cargo monster programs (IRL, MRL, MELFA Primary,...) that are larger than 64 kBytes under Windows 95/98 due to a limitation in Windows 95/98. This limitation does not eke out a living for COSIMIR under Windows NT and Windows 2000!