ShareX v11.1.0

ShareX v11.1.0 Changelog &#151; 2016-07-14 District catch kindred changes: Tab key or Mouse 4 button will swap between last district embellish and last annotation embellish Redesigned Censure settings -> District catch tab to be more consumer comfortable All mouse actions (except hand click) will be configurable from Censure settings -> District catch that way you can get same behavior as old district capture; for example, right click to deny catch Removed AnnotationEnabled surroundings because you can now have a great deal contain on each mouse actions District catch will muse on last used district embellish and stretch out with it selected Last used annotation embellish will be also remembered so that way when you swap tools it will superior last used annotation embellish When monochrome embellish is selected cursor will clarify upon color and volume, this is also useful to know is widely known embellish is district rectangle or monochrome rectangle Allow monochrome info subject-matter near cursor when magnifier is not enabled When creating district you can wait Ctrl key to switch determine of district When district is selected Ctrl key will stir up district instead of Workers for consistency with district father touching Holding Workers will expansion district resize or stir up despatch by 10px Holding Alt will allow to resize district from substructure right instead of top hand Menu key will stretch out options menu Doubled clicking when multi district fad enabled won't come it when there is no district to be captured When creating district holding Alt key will more accurately and with better play figure out come regions to catch Added aforesaid District catch (Annotation) uphold as hotkey only which will be called as District catch (Unaffected annotate) in hotkey settings Added puush rank uploader Added Google Oblige unreserved together recourse (by @mihe) Added recourse to muse on last monochrome fad in Greenshot embodiment editor-in-chief settings window (by @campbeb) Ranking Greenshot embodiment editor-in-chief window volume when icons are larger than non-performance (by @campbeb) Added recourse to overdo the Greenshot embodiment editor-in-chief window when it is larger than working locality (by @campbeb) In SFTP upload if rank with same name is subsist, truncate rank before uploading After catch tasks -> Clarify rank in explorer and in other places where folder need to be opened with rank, it will use already stretch out Windows Explorer window instead of re start-off new one (by @dannoe) Hotkey settings and responsive censure menu reset to non-performance buttons will ask for confirmation (by @dannoe) Implemented Dropbox API v2 Recourse to use rank appendage for Hastebin syntax highlighting ShareX &#151; the Swiss Stab of the hot tools. Form 11 has outstanding changes, hindrance the changelog together at the end of the About this flow: Take a hot or a screencast, have it uploaded and get the URL copied to your clipboard with a only hotkey. Stretch Out, stretch out horse's mouth, lightweight and stretch out from advertisements! Advanced hot catch, select recorder, rank sharing and productivity embellish. Various methods of capturing hots including a great deal select, window, proctor, district, freehand, scrolling, and more. Customizable after catch tasks such as annotating, adding effects, watermarking, uploading, printing and other actions. Upload any files using configurable hotkeys, clipboard upload, inch & particle or from the Windows Explorer background menu. Supports over 50 different embodiment, subject-matter, and rank hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastebin etc. Also supports many URL shortening and sharing services. Contains tools like a select color picker, an embodiment editor-in-chief, a ruler, a DNS changer, a QR conventions generator, a directory indexer and more. Full customizable workflows with hotkey fixed settings. Program that you can make with over 8 years of on the move evolution. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a
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