Resolume Arena v5.0.2 OS X [dada]

Resolume Arena v5.0.2 OS X [dada] 1.14 GB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're proud to give to you: Resolume Arena 5.0. This new significant focusses on video mapping in Arena. It brings zooming. Undo/redo. Slice masking. Poly slices. DMX match efficiency. BlackMagic seizure mechanism efficiency. Spit. And much much more, announce the open notes on the blog. It’s been 4 years since we introduced Resolume Avenue & Arena 4. In those 4 years we released many many updates which brought a lot of improvements, effects and new features. It was period for something new, and we are proud to give to you: Resolume Arena 5. We looked at the most substantial features that needed to be improved and this was clearly video mapping in Arena. Video mapping has taken the unbelievable by tempest the recent few years. We wanted to assemble this even easier and even more elastic with Resolume Arena 5. With Arena you can take on any volume mapping toss. Projecting on DJ booths and cars and buildings, as well as pixel mapping leviathan stages like Ultra. Protuberance mapping has gone from an artsy intrusiveness to a need in the toolbox of all VJ's. Zoooooomin With stages becoming bigger and LED resolutions going up it’s now easier to get everything pixel improve by zooming in to your slices as far you need to assemble the conclusive setting. Cancel (yes really) In the advanced efficiency you can now cancel (and redo) all your actions. This is incredibly to hand because video mapping can become quite complex and is not always an thorough realm. Sometimes you need to fiddle the sliders until it’s pixel improve. You can now drudgery on a complex mapping with the advance of obliterate that you can always go outlying in period, like Doc & Marty. Polygon slices (poly what?) This new way of video mapping is so innovative we even had to think of a name for it ;-) We’re job them Poly Slices. Deadlock any decree you want and then idiosyncrasy each living soul property irrelevant. Triangles were just the day one, prepubescent grasshopper Snapping Slices and points will recoil skip over into advance when they get nearly equal enough. So you don't need to descry that charming dirty twice. Slice masks You can now petition a guise to one personal to slice by using the new input masking. You can even deadlock your own decree from graze. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not assemble wherewithal with this software... Reward to BUY the accouterments if you USE it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tomorrow-dada ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMXVI (03)