<a href=«» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow»</a The check of your Task in the Palm of your Pass On, a absolute Dashboard that lets you Up On the Develop of your Task Scenario and Structure your own Balanced Scorecard . You can Check the Achievement of your Scenario each month through the Gauging of most Momentous Indicators. *Selected as Top Ten Appnation Finalists* “Balanced Scorecard for iPad, A Simplified BI Dashboard for Vital Planning” “One of the Task Applications IPad most substantial, absolute, masterly and serene to use in the App Shop. So if you muddle through a entourage, do not throw off with complex task software dashboards, which are up-market and puzzling to fulfil and justify. Balanced Scorecard for iPad is a outstanding alternative” ❋❋❋ Nominated for AppDate’s App of the Year 2010 in Spain ❋❋❋ An leaving aside gimmick of big companies, now in the IPad with an serene and intuitive structure. Within minutes you'll have your Balanced Scorecard. «75% of Luck 500 companies have already implemented it, step into the shoes of his steps» Following the methodology recognized and acclaimed professors Kaplan and Norton BSC-i relevance for Ipad lets you structure and fulfil your own Balanced Scorecard to controlling the unreserved task in four perspectives: “Financial”, “Customers”, “Internal Processes” and “Learning and Growth”. With a panoply conceal with graphics and color not burdensome indicators, in a few steps and with the best precluding-while results: &#151; Structure you own Vital Map -Upon yours vital objectives &#151; Place the Key Exhibit Indicators( KPI) of your task &#151; Choose obligation for each accuse with &#151; Make An Analogy With the genuine and aim values &#151; Analyze variances &#151; Set Up your own reports per month and sentiment, export them to PDF and send them by Correspondence &#151; Come To A Decision on the superiority of each accuse with and Fair &#151; Usher In Vital Initiatives to repair and up on the moneymaking Key Features: &#151; Multi- Entourage &#151; Multi &#151; Dialect &#151; Guaranteed safe keeping with username and countersign &#151; Far-Reaching Objectives and Indicators by Contemplate “We help you to fulfil the Strategy”
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