Enquiry 6.2 [MAC OS X]

MADE IN UKRAINE Inquiry 6.2 – Convoy of Web optimization tools. Inquiry 5 is a convoy of web optimization tools including relationship checking, SEO checks, Sitemap production, period fleetness analysis, html validation. Variation 5 is a critical update and includes these new features. It allows 15 days safe from and unrestricted use. This is a critical update and paid upgrade from v4. There is an upgrade route for existing users. — Cleaner ‘task based’ interface — Website monitoring of as many urls as you like with a voice of alerts and logging — Able to scrutinize pdf documents for links — Scheduling made simple with a few simple clicks (the old method using iCal will still trade) — On administer of a scheduled or guide scrutinize, Inquiry 5 can send an email, shield a statement, agape a organize or applescript, ftp the sitemap xml and other actions — Opens and scans a roster of links in html, patent primer constitution or xml sitemap (automatically detected) — Improved period inquiry – finds more elements making up a period — Scrutinize a orientation for pages containing specified primer What’s new in variation 6.2: — adds «live view» by trendy requisition. Allows results to be viewed while the scrutinize is chance, either to fleck any problems break of dawn (ie with settings or maybe timeouts etc) or just for visual feedback or because it's fun to on the lookout for the enterprise. — White-Hot take in eats into the fleetness of the scrutinize and method resources. For young sites this is puny, but for larger sites, liveview isn't recommended. A statement to that meaning is shown once per assembly when triggering white-hot take in. MADE IN UKRAINE
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