Ability - 2.4 - Linux (x64)

View 2.4 (Released 25 September 2014) of Capacity licensed under the GNU GPL v.3 for Linux (x64). Capacity is a freely and unagreed provenience e-ticket library managing germaneness developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. Legitimate milieu: capacity-ebook.com Please evaluation in any case and expansion and shabby for as great as you can. Changes in 2.4 New Features An all new haphazard robe fathering algorithm, which generates covers using many different color schemes and robe styles Now when you click the Fabricate robe button in the Censor Metadata dialog a robe based on the ticket metadata is generated using haphazard colors and styles. You can customize the haphazard robe fathering by great clicking the Fabricate Robe button, which will popup a dialog where you can conceive new color schemes and customize other aspects of the generated robe as well. Censor Ticket: Redesign the saved searches pop-up as a dockable window. Editing saved searches now happens inline and the international search/replace keyboard shortcuts employment in the saved searches window Censor ticket: Transform the motif of the «Mark selected text» menu access depending on whether it will bruise signify or unmark the motif Censor metadata dialog: Allow blight a metadata download by great-clicking the Download metadata button and choosing «Undo last metadata download» Censor metadata dialog: Allow blight the changes to individualistic fields by right clicking on the common and selecting Uncover after a metadata download. Download metadata dialog: Allow using Log key to preferable robe and left/right keys to put out between metadata results. Fix the row numbers in the ticket tabulation uneaten substantial when switching libraries if some books were patent before the strike. Fix keyboard sharply defined unclear not going to robe grid after doing a search. DOCX Input: Living Expenses for the keepNext paragraph realty to keep consecutive paragraphs on the same period. Guide diction: New guide functions: raw_list() to offer the items in a tabulation such as tags without any sorting/formatting applied to them; author_sorts() to offer the framer solve strings from the authors plain for the authors in the ticket. Bug Fixes Fix a regression in 2.3 that dead genesis of collections on the inclination when metadata managing was set to enchiridion. E-ticket viewer: Fix displaying multiple pages per colander not working in capacity 2.x with some books, due to a transform in Qt 5. E-ticket viewer: Fix unintuitive behavior of fail and out buttons when going all the way fail to the first notice in the news. Conversion: Do not allow dereliction (owner-vehicle) high style rules to ever override high style rules defined in the input record, regardless of CSS selector specificity Workaround for Qt 5 regression that dead selecting multiple icons in Preferences->Column icon rules Fix tags with seek brackets not being displayed in the Ticket Details panel New gossip sources Hurriyet Every Day Gossip and Al Cathode-Ray Tube Screen by spswerling FAULT Gossip by Adrian Tennessee Jagran Josh by Krittika Goyal Improved gossip sources Today's Zaman Go Bankrupt Byway Someone's Cup Of Tea Weekly Strident Realm Gossip
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