Stamp - 2.4 - Linux (x86)

Construction 2.4 (Released 25 September 2014) of Gauge licensed under the GNU GPL v.3 for Linux (x86). Gauge is a empty and spread out provenance e-tome library directors request developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. Ceremonious plot: Please provocation for as covet as you can. Changes in 2.4 New Features An all new unspecific dissemble days algorithm, which generates covers using many different color schemes and dissemble styles Now when you click the Give Rise To dissemble button in the Reorder Metadata dialog a dissemble based on the tome metadata is generated using unspecific colors and styles. You can customize the unspecific dissemble days by covet clicking the Give Rise To Dissemble button, which will popup a dialog where you can spawn new color schemes and customize other aspects of the generated dissemble as well. Reorder Tome: Redesign the saved searches pop-up as a dockable window. Editing saved searches now happens inline and the extensive search/replace keyboard shortcuts profession in the saved searches window Reorder tome: Shift the motif of the «Mark selected text» menu entrance depending on whether it will pay attention to or unmark the motif Reorder metadata dialog: Allow debasement a metadata download by covet-clicking the Download metadata button and choosing «Undo last metadata download» Reorder metadata dialog: Allow debasement the changes to mortal fields by right clicking on the grassland and selecting Untie after a metadata download. Download metadata dialog: Allow using Set Out On key to hand-picked dissemble and left/right keys to mechanism between metadata results. Fix the row numbers in the tome rota unused roomy when switching libraries if some books were noticeable before the reversal. Fix keyboard blurred not going to dissemble grid after doing a search. DOCX Input: Mainstay for the keepNext paragraph capital goods to keep succeeding paragraphs on the same folio. Mould idiolect: New mould functions: raw_list() to the items in a rota such as tags without any sorting/formatting applied to them; author_sorts() to the initiator off one's feed strings from the authors eatables for the authors in the tome. Bug Fixes Fix a regression in 2.3 that short the world of collections on the mechanism when metadata directors was set to instructions. E-tome viewer: Fix displaying multiple pages per colander not working in gauge 2.x with some books, due to a shift in Qt 5. E-tome viewer: Fix unintuitive behavior of aid and front buttons when going all the way aid to the first notice in the adventures. Conversion: Do not allow fall short (drug-cause) variety rules to ever override variety rules defined in the input report, regardless of CSS selector specificity Workaround for Qt 5 regression that short selecting multiple icons in Preferences->Column icon rules Fix tags with viewpoint brackets not being displayed in the Tome Details panel New tidings sources Hurriyet Continually Tidings and Al Watchdog by spswerling SINFULNESS Tidings by Adrian Tennessee Jagran Josh by Krittika Goyal Improved tidings sources Today's Zaman Close Off Terrace Minute-Book Merry Territory Tidings
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