Windows Doctor v2.9.0.0

Windows Doctor v2.9.0.0 Say Goodbye to the extravagant PC utilities Still frustrated by unresponsive computer and PC errors? Distraught about your computer chest keeping and privacy? Irked of switching among dozens of tools to plead for your computer? Low budget on PC maintenance? Windows Doctor can set you bountiful from all these problems!Windows Doctor is a wide PC keeping utility that can help you beyond conserve, plead for and optimize your computer. It provides an all-in-one decipherment foryour PC's ordinary keep and guard. Choosing Windows Doctor, you no longer have to induct big readies on various kinds of software programs. Your computer can also be reveal, with only one necessary keep utility installed, i.e, Windows Doctor. What benefits will Windows Doctor conduct you? Conserve your Windows from chest keeping threats Windows Doctor will conserve your scheme by locating and fixing all the scheme vulnerabilities in your computer for you. With Windows Doctor, you can refer to your scheme well-founded and athletic against Trojans and spyware all the in unison a all the same. Facilitate up your scheme and internet access by 100% By tuning-up your Windows, Windows Doctor can significantly raise your scheme and internet facilitate. Optimize your scheme and convalesce adeptness Windows Doctor provides an all-around optimization of your scheme so that the overall PC behaviour can be exceptionally improved. Reveal consequential traces to conserve your privacies No more worries about your privacies being disclosed. Windows Doctor is able to reveal all the traces you left-hand on a computer. Fix dozens kinds of PC errors to modify your computer run smoothly Most PC errors are caused by sickly registry entries. By cleaning and optimizing your Windows registry, Windows Doctor can modify your PC clanger bountiful. Reveal up all the junks in your scheme and bountiful valuable disk spaceJunk files and Windows temp files can take possession of a burly subdivision of badly crusade time and sham computer behaviour. Windows Doctor can at ascertain and wipe away all the junks on your computer. Trusting retaking of distracted or deleted dataAccidentally deleted an leading send in permanently? Windows Doctor can notice it stand behind! The new facts retaking call attention to in Windows Doctor can beyond set up your distracted or deleted files and help you get them stand behind. It's BOUNTIFUL! More BOUNTIFUL but useful tools to help you rule over your scheme and files. In appendix to Disk Cleaner and Facts Retaking, Windows Doctor now provides more bountiful but very useful tools as a thank you for your strengthen, including Disk Analyzer, Send In Shredder, Send In Imitate, Send In Splitter, Retention Defrag, Registry Defrag, and Auto Shutdown. Decidedly chest Windows Doctor is 100% chest with no spyware or adware. Having been comprehensively tested in the environments of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, Windows Doctor is chest to run in above Windows systems. Pompous Website: